Friday, December 14, 2012

The Santa Express

Last night we rode the Santa Express on a historic train for one hour with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and numerous families with children. This was our first time experiencing this event, and for riding coach it wasn't too bad.

We stood in 35 degree temperatures while the kids anxiously awaited for the train to arrive. Luckily they were bundled up, and as soon as they heard the train whistle their eyes lit up.

Aboard the train was Santa Claus.
We dressed up the kids in their pajamas and they brought along their favorite stuffed animals. Chelsea with her ugly doll, and Noah with his sock money.
She hung on to all of our tickets and waited for the conductor to punch them. (I think she was expecting Tom Hanks.)
Santa, and Mrs. Claus had a little one on one with the kids, and Chelsea was a little too calm for this experience. Maybe it's because she has seen too many Santas in her life, and is noticing that they all look different! Nonetheless she touched Santa to see if he was real, and wanted to take a picture with him. She then told him what gifts she would like.
Noah on the other hand didn't seem to care about telling Santa what gifts he wanted. He was just thrilled to be riding on a was my better half (just take a look on his face!)
Songs from this movie were playing, and as soon as the song "Hot chocolate" came on Noah stood up, looked over at the end of the entrance expecting to see waiters come out with hot chocolate! He looked a little disappointed, but luckily his resilience is incredible, and as he grows up I will explain to him that "The Polar Express" is just an animated film...not real!
The train ride went by too fast, and the kids fell asleep on the way home. This was Christmas fun for the little kids to all enjoy, and if you have small children particularly a little boy who has a train obsession that says "choo choo" everytime you pass by a train station....this is another place to take him.
Even on a school night.

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