Tuesday, December 4, 2012

my mini motivator, and a ho, ho, ho.

Noah is truly the best thing that has happened to me in this generation. There are even some days when I feel he is saving my life. I am a 41 year old mother to a three year old, and he is very good at boosting me up when I'm not at my best. I was in a slump this morning, and had to snap out of it. You'd think that having mild weather would be cheery, but to tell you the truth I'm yearning for snow, and a cold winter! 

Soon I hope. 

Anyway...we were in need of milk so we went to the store to buy some, and had cereal for lunch! I then began to decorate the house a bit more. I put pinecones in a bowl with a candle in the middle, and placed it on our buffet table. I then grabbed the t.v. remote, sat down on my couch, and began to flip channels...then an episode of Highway to Heaven came on.

Yes...this was one of those days where I was sitting on the couch watching a bit of television. The only thing that was missing were the bon bons. 

This episode was called "With love, The Claus". I loved it, and I pretty much cried throughout the whole episode. It's amazing how much influence a t.v. show can put on you especially when it is done so tastefully. It involved compassion, forgiveness, miracles, and how Santa wanted the focus of Christmas to not be marketing, but pure love. It was perfect, and I'm so glad I watched that today. 

This episode cheered me up, and the tears I shed were joyful ones. I became energized, and after one hour of watching public television I got up from the couch, put red ribbons on both of my lamps on the piano, and as I was opening up the Christmas bins, Noah grabbed the Santa hat, an ornament in the shape of an eighth note with a bell inside, and began shaking it back and forth saying ho, ho, ho. If that didn't uplift me, then there is something seriously wrong with me. 

Well it did, and Noah looked so cute. At this age he definitely knows how Santa looks like, and even though he is not quite sure what he is all about...he has a big heart for the fat man. I know for a surety that next year he will know who Santa is, and that his hope will be that he'll come in the night bearing gifts. 

I think watching that episode of "Highway to Heaven", and seeing Santa Claus on t.v. helped me remember to continue to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our home. Like "Jonathan" said in one of the scenes, "We all believed in Santa once when we were little...why not now." 

So true, and I do believe in miracles. I will make this the best Christmas ever for all of our children no matter how old they are, and no matter how old my better half and I get.

No bah hum bugs in this house...ever! 

Just pure love, and the CHRISTmas spirit!

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