Thursday, October 25, 2012

scenes of a late fall, and a leaf war.

While my family and friends in Utah had their 'first snow' today the kids and I are still enjoying the beauty of fall. This might be the last time we see beautiful colored leaves until next year, and since we don't have a single tree in our yard we all decided to go to a nearby park where we noticed some fall foliage. The minute we arrived the kids all began to gather leaves and make a huge pile of it!  

The kids all had fun gathering the leaves, and throwing them in the air. Noah really energizes the heck out of us. I have to admit I NEVER did this with the girls when they were little. The most the girls and I would do during fall was go through a walk in the woods, take pictures of the beautiful fall foliage, and that's it. Never did I ever think to have them gather a bunch of leaves, and then jump in it!
It was so fun watching them, and I wish I would have jumped in there with them. Too bad Sierra was still at school, and missed out on all the fun. 
We sure did have fun today! Thank you Noah for bringing out that valiant spirit in both your sisters and I when it comes to being adventurous! We will now look forward to winter.

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