Monday, June 24, 2013

the graduating class of 2013.

This day was so surreal for me. From getting special seating on the football field to seeing Sierra walk down the track with the rest of the class waiting to be seated, to listening to all the speeches given by the principal, valedictorian, salutatorian, class president, to receiving her diploma in graduating with honors.
Although I was very excited for her graduation day to arrive this is one day that I didn't want to pass, but it did. It came too quick, and flew by way too fast for me. I can't believe these past four years just flew. Flew, flew, flew! I am so excited for her to begin a new chapter in her life. She has done really well in this school for the past four years, and everything she has learned will be taken with her as she begins college in the fall. We are extremely proud of her, and all that she has accomplished thus far in her life. She is a young woman of many talents and has so much knowledge to share with the world.
I explained to her that friends come and go, and sometimes part after graduation. Life will keep many of these kids busy, and hopefully some of them will stay in contact. She has made many friends, and mentioned that they are all keepers for life! She's fortunate that some of them are attending college nearby, and hopefully that'll make it easier to stay in touch.
with Trent, the prom king...again!

From left to right:  Matt, Erny, Eddie, Michael ( 2013 valedictorian), Tj, and Jordan.
She makes these young men look good in pictures!
two of her dearest friends: with Amber (top), and Britney (bottom)
She will never forget her friends of the future class of 2014. She will miss playing in the jazz band with these guys. Who knows, maybe they can all start up a band someday. They need to graduate first! 
It was also nice seeing an old friend, & former alumni.
She had some of the best teachers this year, and she will never forget the ones who really challenged her to be the best.
We were so happy that her grandma & grandpa (my awesome in-laws) flew all the way from Utah to witness her graduation and spend quality time with her. They are so pleased with her accomplishments, and have faith in her that she will become someone very successful. 
Speaking of successful Ms. Petite gave a wonderful speech to the entire student body, and the advice she gave them was remarkable. One of my favorite excerpts she said to these graduates was, and I quote... 

"Remember when you thought that your parents didn't know a lot, watch how incredibly smart they become over the next decade. Parents are pretty skilled at picking up on real life lessons. Continue to talk & listen to your parents. They have learned from their mistakes and will save you much stress and anxiety. They will also not charge you for their expertise, and most of the time you may even get a free meal. Set your goals high and strive to develop your skills and potential, but be careful in how you measure your success. Your success will be judged by those with whom you compete. Rather than being the best in the world try to be the best for the world."~Ms. Petite


I thought those were wise words, and great advice when it comes to being challenged in this life. I pray that you will take those words to heart, and apply it in your daily life. Remember this day forever, because the only thing you'll have left are the memories. Four years of memories at Highland that taught you to be the best. 
Now...go out and conquer the world. You are here for a reason, and your unique talents will take you very far. Just remember that it is up to you to make it happen. Stick strong to your morals, and be solid in your testimony, and love for God, and His gospel. We will be rooting for you from across the bridge. 

This is the beginning of the end of your first chapter in the life of high school, and now...

Let the college days begin.

Oh still have the rest of the summer to enjoy yourself. 

Time to go to the shore! 



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