Friday, July 6, 2012

Gout & more love expressed for my better half


Do I express enough love that I have for my better half on my blog? 

I certainly hope so because he's been getting a lot of it at home lately. This picture was taken last week. Over the weekend he woke up with his right foot inflamed, swollen, and engorged. I thought it was because we walked the streets of Philly for too long with the flip-flops that he wore. He actually thought I might have kicked him so hard that I bruised his foot in the middle of the night! (I do that sometimes so he can stop snoring, but I wouldn't kick him that hard enough to bruise!) I had no idea what it could have been. All I know is that the the day before we walked the streets of Philly he woke up the following morning with severely bruised looking toes (no I didn't take pictures of his foot!)

This whole past week has been...let's just say different! I feel so bad with what my better half has gone through in the past two months...a fractured elbow, and now this. 

Well, after going online and reading up on all the symptoms, and having various people looking at his foot at work it turned out to be GOUT! I never thought that he would ever get that! EVER! He's always been a healthy man, but you just never know when something out of the ordinary will just creep up on you. He has changed his diet, and has lost a few pounds. He was already losing weight to begin with by walking home from work for the past couple of weeks. He obviously will not be doing that anymore until his foot is completely healed from the gout. I know that gout is something you don't want to mess with, and luckily it's curable, and that there is treatment. I didn't like reading the things that spur it on, but it looks like both of his grandfathers had it. So there is the history of where the gout came from. 
Another thing we read online is that grapes and cherries help for the gout to subside. Luckily there is a place called Verchios Produce where I bought about 4 pounds of cherries for three dollars!! Hey...if you know where to shop for produce you'll get the best deals, and farmer's markets are the best! Then again you can't put a price tag on my better half's well being. I would have paid five bucks for just one pound of cherries! 

I'm thankful that we caught it in time, and for the kind doctor that prescribed him those little green pills. Word to those for anyone with gout history in the family: it's painful, but curable. If swollen put ice on it until you get in to see the doctor. Take a lot of ibuprofen for the pain, and eat a lot of cherries and grapes. Stay away from red meat, and tomatoes. Gout is common in men more than women (thank goodness), and try not to stress. Watching your diet is crucial in cases like this! 

Oh better half is over 40 and believe me this freaked him out just a bit. So there will be even more changes in our eating habits. 

Eat more chicken, chicken chicken, and fish, fish, fish!

Take care of your health! 

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