Monday, October 12, 2015

A New Calling.

Each calling that I receive, and accept in the church, and I've had quite a few, has been a blessing in my life, and in one way or another has strengthened me. I learn something different every time, and each calling helps me further my knowledge in the gospel. 

This past Sunday at church I was assigned to be the new Faith in God leader. And can I just tell you how much I have been wanting to serve in this calling?!? Sierra and Lexie experienced the faith in God program in different wards, and in two different states, and I saw so much activity & growth among them and the leaders that they had were amazing! I saw how involved the leaders were in their lives, and how much my daughters enjoyed going to the activities, but most of all how much they spiritually grew. Sierra received her award in North Carolina, and Lexie received hers here in Jersey.  I have one ore daughter left to accomplish the program, and I'm so excited to be her leader. 

When I told Chelsea what my new calling was going to be she smiled so big, and began jumping up and down whilst giving me a bear hug! It truly made me smile, and her reaction was a joyful one. I can tell she is thrilled for me to be her leader. See, some kids can find it annoying or even intimidating to have a parent as their leader in a calling, but luckily Chelsea is young and innocent and is not at that stage where she finds me annoying as a mom, (at least not yet!) and/or being her teacher when it comes to a church calling. 
^^^ me and my youngest daughter Chelsea. Can you tell she's excited?!?! ^^^

I'm really looking forward in seeking inspiration, and to spiritually grow in this calling. I hope that the girls that I'll be teaching will know that even though I don't know all their hobbies, likes, dislikes, and idiosyncrasies that I love them, and that my intentions are good. I want to help them accomplish their goals in preparing them for the young women program. I hope that after one hour of teaching them, that they'll leave with feelings of joy, love, and with a smile on their face. I hope that they'll leave feeling inspired knowing that they learned a Christlike attribute on how to serve, and love others, but most of all to establish a righteous pattern of living. I hope that they will develop gospel habits, and develop strong testimonies, but most of all increase their faith in Jesus Christ. I hope that they will spiritually grow in the things that they are taught while enjoying themselves at the same time. 

Faith in God truly does shape the lives of our young girls and it is my hope that I will do my best in my calling to help them along the way as they grow older so that they can grow up to be the best young woman in their generation! 

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