Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween From the Future Class of 2023!

This photo was taken yesterday during the Halloween parade at Chelsea's school. There were so many kids, and when you have too many over-enthusiastic, excited, dressed up, hyped up kids on a sugar high that can equal major chaos! Luckily these kids were on their best behavior, and they all managed to sit cheerfully for a picture. 

This was Chelsea's last Halloween elementary school parade. I will miss seeing her in them having fun with it, but luckily we have Noah in school now who has five more years of parades to go!! It's bittersweet seeing my fifth grader growing up, and acting so maturely. She's becoming more and more independent these days especially when it comes to brushing her long hair. She doesn't even ask me to do that anymore (unless she has tangles). And even though she doesn't ask me to, I'll still make her lunches from time to time just so I can sneak in a lunch note filled with love and encouragement! .

Awww...the feelings of independency. I sure remember those days, and in many ways she is just like me. I guess that's what happens when you are the baby girl of the family. She's slowly trying to catch up with her sisters in maturity while being a silly ten year old kid. 

I love her, and I'm proud of how well she behaves in class. All her past elementary teachers have told me what a great student she was, and how helpful she was with the other kids. Her current teacher says the same and praises her, and man does it feel good to hear that from her teacher! It gives me a sense of peace knowing that my kid is doing her part in being a considerate human being, and is in a safe place for seven hours each day. No matter the petty drama she sees among other kids which she will tell me about she manages to either be a defender against the bullying, or simply let it go, and move on. 

Grateful for her string willed, spunky spirit because nowadays we all need kids like that! Especially in our future! 

Happy Halloween from the future class of 2023! Hope it's a spooky one filled with more treats that tricks! 

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