Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More Than A Tennis Post.

There's something about tennis that catches your eye, and movement between two, or four people (since she plays doubles) that gets you intrigued by who is going to miss the last shot, hit the net, or have an out ball. It's nerve-wracking especially when that person that's playing is your kid. Yesterday was Lexie's last tennis match of the season, and it was a totally bittersweet moment. She, and her amazing tennis partner won their last match, and I'm definitely going to miss seeing them play. 

Even though I'm going to miss her tennis matches, I'm sort of relieved that it's over. Sort of, a minsiscule way. The fact that her life has been piled with endless hours of honors homework, and waking up for early morning seminary every day made me feel sorry for her, but she loves it! She loves the sport, and as much as she dislikes waking up at 5am every morning to attend early morning seminary, also known as bible study, she knows it's good for her. She knows that without it her days would end up chaotic. She knows that she wouldn't be able to tolerate the immaturity that kids bring to school, the strength she needed to practice, the stresses of life, and finding balance among the life of an honors student.  

When I was talking to my mother the other day about how the kids are doing in school, and when she asked what time they went to bed I told her that they didn't have a bedtime schedule. When she specifically asked what time Lexie went to bed I told her it varies. On the days she has tennis matches, and homework it could be ten, 11, or even midnight! When she emphasized how she really needs at least eight hours of sleep because of her schedule I said to her that we both would love her to have extra sleep, but somehow she manages to get it together during school with very little sleep. 

When she questioned why Lexie was the only one who got up so early I explained to her all about seminary. and that's when the topic of seminary came up. Like most people who have no clue what seminary is, my mother didn't know exactly what it was. I thought it came up in a conversation a while back when Sierra attended, but I don't think I ever explained to her what it was in its entirety. She thought it was odd having it early in the morning not to mention at 5:30am, but one thing I can testify to having bible study so early in the morning is the fact that it strengthens my child to endure her days with goodness especially in today's society. And that's exactly what I told my mother. 

My mom's reaction over the phone was, "what?? well, you chose that religion." I said, "yes i did, and know it's true. I love how well it has blessed me, and my family for the past 23 years." I mentioned to her how there's a reason why seminary can be a blessing to all those who attend. Even though some who attended it in the past may not have benefited from it, but if you look at it from my perspective those who choose to pay attention, and attend for the right reasons will benefit them in its fullest regard. They will be able to handle any trial, and hard task that they will be confronted with throughout their high school, and years to come. I then ended the conversation with my mom by saying, "you see how well the kids are doing, and how Sierra managed all her hardships, and now she's going on a mission." 

My mother respects my beliefs, and luckily for me she knows when to stop because we both do not like confrontation. We both know that contention comes from the devil, and that there's no need to bash anything about any religion. 

I will never stop defending my beliefs as to why I chose a religion that makes perfect sense to me. The Lord has truly blessed my family in profound ways through the good, bad, and extremely ugly. We have all in one way or another have been tested, and tried with what we believe in, and when I see the way my girls are today, and how they hold themselves especially my oldest daughter, I count my blessings for having Heavenly Father looking out for us even in our darkest moments. 

For 23 years I have hung on to my faith based on Jesus Christ because I know it's true. I know that all the programs in our church really help our youth become strengthened, but when you have free agency it can be hard, and i guarantee kids will rebel, and go wild. It's in every religious denomination. Without that free agency they would never grow, or understand their purpose in this life. Everyone's view on religion is different, but to me it's very simple. I don't like conflict, or contention when it comes to talking about God. When one talks about the Lord contention should never be an issue, and fortunately for me and my family we have come to an understanding that even though we all have different beliefs, and views on religion that love and respect come first. 

This post was supposed to be all about how well Lexie played tennis this season, but somehow ended up into an explanation of why early morning seminary is important, and in expressing my beliefs of the church i attend as well as my testimony of the Savior with conviction. 
I am proud of Lexie, and impressed at how much she's improved on her game. She's super amazing when she plays. You can see a glimpse of her playing here. She, and her doubles partner had an amazing season. I don't know how she does it so far with making all A's, and waking up at 5am with little sleep for seminary, having practice, and tennis matches after school since school started. I totally attest that her strength, and perseverance comes from God. Blessings definitely do come to those who try their best to serve Him with the right intentions and on their own motive, and that's Lexie. Don't get me wrong she's already had her own trials, and she most definitely has her imperfect moments as a teenager, but I know that if she applies what we teach her in the home, as well as at church when it comes to the gospel, great blessings will come her way. 
Winning her last tennis match was a great end to the season! 

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