Monday, October 19, 2015

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin.

The month of October creeped in on us way to fast and with two Saturday's left in the month we realized that we hadn't gone pumpkin picking. This is a must on our fall bucket list so this past weekend we ventured out to one of our favorite pumpkin patches to pick a few pumpkins.  
Time flies when you're having fun especially when you have picky kids wanting to pick that perfect pumpkin. Noah has become selective in picking any kind of fruit especially pumpkins! My patience has gotten a lot better especially with these two because they always want to find a pumpkin that's flawless without any blemishes. Sometimes that's impossible because all pumpkins are going to come shaped like a strawberry with some discoloration, and dirt that can easily be washed off.  
^^^ you can't see it, but he has the "life is so hard" look on his face! ^^^ 
^^^ After roaming the patch for about half an hour the kids all finally picked one they approved of. ^^^
It is always a treat to go on these family outings together, and in between the indecisiveness and light bickering there's laughter, lots of giggling, and love.  I love spending time with my kids and seeing smiles on their faces that aren't forced!
I think the one that gets a kick out of these outings is Jon. He works half a day every Saturday, and I think that after driving a huge UPS truck for four hours all he wants to do is something relaxing. His idea of relaxing is the outdoors. He loves doing stuff with the kids, and it puts a huge smile on my face when he comes with us on our little adventures. He missed out on going apple picking with us this year, and so he was pretty excited when I told him we were going pumpkin picking. 
^^^ and check out that clear blue sky! ^^^

In all honesty I think Jon's favorite part of going with us to the patch is the wheelbarrels. He's like a little kid with it! The kids will sit in it, and as we walk towards the patch he'll start moving it up and down, and the kids love it! We also went on a hayride where the  driver/owner tells the history of the farm. We had a little bit of a history lesson about this farm, and it is amazing to know that it's been around since the 1800's!! 
I am so glad Lexie also made time to come with us. She had a homecoming dance to go to that evening, and homework to do, but made time to have fun with her sibs because that's what big sisters should do right? 
All went well with picking the perfect pumpkin, and all. I'm beginning to feel that October is indeed my favorite month. I love this time of year where spending time as a family increases even more. 
^^^ I sure do love this family of mine! ^^^ 

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend, and that y'all enjoy the rest of October! 

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