Wednesday, October 7, 2015

185 Years of General Conference.

Attending general conference with my family is a blessing we all need. It uplifts us and strengthens us, and even though there may be times when some of us feel as if don't need to watch it, or need to hear those spiritual words...we do! 

I look back at the time when weren't very faithful watchers of conference when Sierra was little, and I think to myself, "maybe if we watched it without feeling obligated, and actually paid attention we may not have gone through all of those trials." Then again, we needed to go through what we went through in order to progress, and be who we are today raising a family. 

The difference today as to why I enjoy general conference so much, and make it a priority in my life as a mother, and wife is that I choose to attend. But most of all listen. 

Every year as my children & I grow older confrrence becomes more meaningful. These talks are something that need to be heard, and no matter how many times the subject of the talks may sound similar to some that were given five, ten, or 20 years ago it doesn't matter to me. The talks may sound familiar, but the meaning I get out of them are always different. The talks that are given are also reminders that tell me that I am a good mother, and that there is always room to do better. They remind me to be the best friend, mom, and wife I can be. 

I love the fact that even though my oldest daughter is out west and on her own that she attends conference at temple square on her own motive. Whether she has tickets to go inside the conference center, or not she will go to temple square, sit on the lawn, and listen to the words of our leaders. She is currently waiting for her mission call, and once she does she'll be flying out here to get her endowments. No matter how old my kids get, and when they move away, and are all gone it is my hope that they will always have the desire to attend conference.

All the talks that were given this time around were filled with such emotion, and were extremely powerful! They touched the core of my soul, and for once I'm not going to say that I had a favorite talk because they were all so good. Including the talks of the three new apostles. Such humbling men who mentioned how inadequate they felt having that calling, but in the end gave amazing talks. 

Elder Holland who truly is my favorite apostle gave an amazing talk on women and motherhood, and Elder Quentin L. Cooke talked about being temple worthy. One of my favorites, and I hate to admit that I truly need help in this department in regards to reading the scriptures on my own, was Brother Devin G. Durrants talk on encouraging us to "ponderize" the scriptures. That's definielty something that I started doing, and I hope that I'll stick to it! 

Another great talk that I have to mention was Russell M. Nelson's. I love that he quoted President Packer who said,

"We need women who are organized, and can organize. We need women with executive ability who can plan, direct, and administer. We need women who can teach, who can speak out. We need women with the gift of discernment who can view the trends in the world and detect those that, however popular, are shallow or dangerous. Today, let me add that we need women who know how to make important things happen by their faith who are courageous defenders of morality and families in a sin-sick world." 

I know that by listening to their talks, and heeding their words that blessings will come, and no matter how hard times get for me, and my family whether spiritually, emotionally, or financially I know that Heavenly Father is always there to lift us up. I know that these wonderful leaders are called of God, and are given inspiration as to what to teach us in hopes that we are uplifted, and that their words will guide us in the right direction. 

We definitely live in a society filled with sin, and it is up to us to share the goodness. It is always my hope that each day I wake up being a good example to my children. That I will always have something nice to say to everyone on a daily basis. That I will learn something from the scriptures even when i'm too tired to comprehend what I'm reading. Just because I've been a member for 23 years doesn't mean I know everything! I know enough, but at the same time I'm still learning. I'm not perfect, but the Lord knows my heart, and knows how hard I strive to endure to the end, and to "find joy in enduring."
I love my family, and want to live with them for eternity. I know that by keeping the commandments as our wonderful prophet counseled that we can have eternal life, and be with our families forever. 

***You can listen to all the general conference talks including the womens sessions, and priesthood session here

Happy Wednesday! 

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