Thursday, October 15, 2015

Storybook Land with Chelsea, Circa-2009.

Six years ago this week this cute little girl of mine had the privilege of going to one of the happiest places on earth. No it wasn't Disneyland, but a place called Storybook Land where all your fictional characters from books "come to life." 

I will never forget this day because it was the year Noah was born. As a matter of fact the reason I didn't chaperone on this particular school trip was because I was extremely pregnant. Extremely pregnant meaning that Noah was born two weeks after these shots were taken. As much as I wanted to be there to share this experience with my little girl, I knew I had to stay home and take care of myself, and baby. Plus the 45 minute bus ride would have been miserable for me!

Luckily Jon was there by her side to share in the joy with her on this day. It's a shame that he didn't take any pictures with her as he was behind the camera the whole time whilst taking care of other kids, but nonetheless they all had a good time. I remember him telling me how much fun she had with her little friends, and being that it was autumn made the whole trip even more beautiful. She even said that the kids loved him as if he was their dad! 

Well, it so happens that we are both heading back to Storybook Land today, but this time with Noah. We were both chosen to be chaperones this year, and Noah is sooooo excited. As always he wants his sisters to come, but we told him that they both have school, and that this is a trip just for the little kids in his class. I'm so excited to be going with him to Storybook Land. I missed the opportunity of going with Chelsea, and so in a way I'll be making it up by going with her baby brother. 

Chelsea was looking through her scrapbook, and we began to reminisce about these photos. I could tell by the look on her face that she wants to go back. Go back to storybook land, not her age! Oh yeah...that's the story of peter pan right? Never grow up! 

Once she was done looking at her scrapbook I decided to  take the photos out, scan them, and put them on the blog for the world to see, because...that's what a blog is for right?  Mind you that these were taken with a 3 megapixel camera so their not the greatest quality to look at online, but who cares. I love them all! 

I can't believe it's been six years since these photos were taken. I'm sure Jon is going to have deja vu once we arrive to our destination! 
 ^^^ Till this day these two girls have remained friends. Ali was one of her best friends in her class. ^^^
 ^^^ Jon said that these group of kids were well behaved. No stress was added to his day! ^^^
^^^ Corn mazes are always a favorite! ^^^
 ^^^ Carousels will always be at the top of her list! She's almost 11 now, & still loves to ride on them. ^^^
These kids are so lucky to be able to go on these little adventures at such a young age. She had the time of her life, and I'm sure Noah will too. That's all he's been talking about all week, and every morning asking me, "Mommy are we going to storybook land today?"

When he wakes up, and asks if we're going to storybook land today I can actually say "yes Noah, we are going to storybook land today."

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