Friday, October 16, 2015

Storybook Land with Noah & His Buddy.

Yesterday Jon, and I had the privilege of being chaperones to a couple of kids on a field trip to Storybook Land, and I'll tell ya, adding another boy to the mix was so much fun! Especially when you go to a theme park! I have three daughters, and raising them so far has been fairly easy, but boys are a totally different story! 

Different as in active, loud, jumping, making funny faces, and noises that I would never hear a little girl do. It was all fine, and dandy and can tell that I myself have come a long way in watching over other peoples kids. 

Although all my kids have been a breeze to raise I've never really had the greatest luck with other people's kids. I tend to have more patience with my own children, and in all honesty never liked taking care of other peoples kids. Maybe that's why my first callings in the church were being in the primary serving in the nursery, and being a teacher to the toddlers. I eventually learned to love, and developed a unique patience with each child. I still haven't quite mastered the patient part, but regardless I love everyone I meet especially the little children, and try my best to be tolerant in their actions. 
Going to Storybook Land with Noah, and looking out for Aaron was so much fun. For a few hours I felt what it was like to have two little boys at the same time! They had so much fun together laughing, and talking about which rides they wanted to go on first. There was so much to do with so little time, but we managed to fit in as much as possible including pumpkin picking, and going on a hay ride. 
There were a few rides in which Aaron didn't want to go on which didn't bother Noah. Noah was so sweet, and accommodating that he always asked which rides he wanted to go on first. They took turns deciding on what, and when it came time to ride the roller coaster only Noah wanted to get on. So I got on with him. I snap chatted the roller coaster ride, and it was hilarious. The roller coaster was so bumpy, and fast that you can hear me laughing the entire time! I was hanging on so tight to my phone in hopes that it wouldn't fall, and it didn't! If you have a snapchat you can view it before it gets erased at:  r_jorgensen

Noah and Aaron are total opposites. Noah is all fun about, and wanting to on rides that are "fast thrilling machines" while Aaron is chill, and laid back wanting to go on the low key rides. In the beginning he was all about wanting to pet the sheep, and ride the slower rides, but towards the end Jon got him out of his shell, and comfort zone, and they rode the tick tock clock where it goes up, and then goes down super fast!! That was a sight to see, and in the end found him laughing, and giggling! I loved it! 
 ^^^ Jon was like a little kid all giddy and stuff! Just look at that grin! ^^^ 
^^^ these two...trying to put on their scariest face. Frankenstein was their motivation! ^^^ 

The rides here are perfect for little kids, and even though some of them were a little too slow for Noah such as the tractor, and the elephant he still managed to have fun. 
^^^ the swings were a different story! They swung at a speed that was pleasing to Noah.  ^^^
 ^^^ riding the cups wasn't exactly a thrill machine, but nonetheless enjoyed the ride. ^^^ 
 ^^^ Same with the carousel, yet it's one of Noah's favorite. I think it's the galloping motion of the horse that stimulates his imagination as to how it feels to ride a real horse. I know that's how it was for me when I was a kid. The last time he rode gently on a real horse was when he was like two years old! ^^^ 
^^^ They sure do decorate this theme park beautifully in the fall with cornstalks, mums, and everything pumpkin! I tried to capture a photo with Noah to show off it's beauty, but he couldn't stand still. This is the best shot I got belly and all! ^^^ 
^^^ Noah called this the "harry potter clock" ^^^
I can't believe this place has been opened for 60 years!! It's amazing how well they've kept it up, and the staff is super friendly! This is a fun place for little kids, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have been a chaperone. Times like this only come once in a life time while our kids our little, and I never want to pass it by. They grow up way too fast, and so I want to take advantage of every tender moment of Noah's kindergarten year, as well as his 'coming of age' years. 
So glad that Jon also took a day off to chaperone with me, and spend time with two great boys! He always has fun no matter what we do. I love him so much, and on this day I felt as if I had three little kids, because like I said, the kid in Jon always comes out when we go to a theme park! 
I could tell how much Aaron enjoyed himself just by the look he had on his face. He was excited to have paired up with Noah, excited on the bus as we were in route to the park, and even more excited when we arrived. He constantly wanted to hold me, and Jon's hand and kept hugging Noah as if he was his best buddy. The scenes between these boys was bittersweet. I can tell Noah would love to have a brother, and with Aaron being the only boy in his family I told him he can come over our house anytime to play!
Yes! I definitely loved the feeling of having two little boys by my side, and the sentiments that Aaron kept saying to us as we were walking around the park, holding his hand, and looking out for him for those few hours made me appreciate little children even more. 

I sure do count my blessings, and appreciate the unconditional love that little kids express to someone they met for the first time!

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