Monday, October 26, 2015

Inside the Corn Maze.

Whoever thought of making a corn maze out of a cornfield is not only brilliant, but a lucrative idea! Think about it! Some farmers don't make too much money having a farm and when they make a corn maze KaChing!! How many people do you think go to a corn maze in a day to have a bit of fun on our dime! A lot I'm sure!! The day we went there were about ten families trying to beat each other with the best time. Going to the corn maze is an absolute favorite of ours. It's gets everyone in a competitive mood, and we have fun with it! We started this tradition back when we first moved to North Carolina when the girls were little, and I remember how much in awe they were when they were first introduced to a corn maze. 

When we moved to Jersey we probably missed out on going for two years due to being extremely pregnant one year with Noah, and the second year Noah being a week old. He was born in the beginning of November which meant that I couldn't do anything outdoorsy with him. Now that they are all older we will definitely be going every year. The corn maze at Howell farm is probably the best this side of Jersey. I have come to love this tradition because I like seeing my family in action, and seeing the kids enjoying themselves makes me feel good because I didn't do things like this when I was a kid. 

When I saw the kids getting into it last year I knew that we had to go again this year. Watching my kids having fun, being competitive with other people was a hoot, and I had fun watching them. They truly get into it! It's so fun finding clues, and working their brain all in the name of fun. Jon gets into it more than I do, because naturally I'm the photographer, and trying to catch up with them was a challenge...especially when I'm taking pictures. Believe me you can't take too many pictures when you're in a corn maze because not only are you wasting time, but allowing yourself to not get into the fun can be a bummer, and then you regret not being a part of it! Nonetheless, I still had fun, and did my best in capturing a few photos. 

Chelsea always has to pick a flag before we begin so she can let everybody know where everyone is at just in case one of us gets lost. 
I swear I think I lost about five pounds walking the maze, and I was walking pretty fast. Noah was keeping up with me, but when you're five all you want to do is run around, and play. 
Even though he did not know what was quite going on he knew that we were running around trying to find the mailboxes with the clues that would lead us to the victory bridge. 
 ^^^ Lexie is soooo competitive. I swear when it comes to a sport, or any type of challenge she gets all into it! ^^^
^^^ Noah absolutely had fun running the maze, following his sisters and taking score for us. ^^^
And a few random photos I took while we were inside the maze... 
And a few more when we finally completed the maze, including this cutie...

^^^ When we walked out we saw this board that had the history of all the other themes with the answers on them! ^^^
Can you believe we finished the maze in 38 minutes! That's good timing. There were other families who did it in 45 minutes to a little over an hour! I think we did pretty good! 
I'm so glad that we have continued this tradition. It truly has become a favorite on our fall bucket list, and seeing the smiles on our kids faces as we exit puts an even bigger one on mine! It's exciting, and fun, and a wonderful time to bond as a family! 

Happy Monday! 

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