Thursday, October 22, 2015


So I've been feeling a little "daughter sick" lately, and as I was looking through my iPhoto I stumbled upon these photos. I realized that they never made it into the blog. These were all taken back in 2010 when Noah was almost one. I wish these moments could last forever. Not because I feel as if I didn't spend enough time when he was a baby, or Sierra when she was in high school, but because I didn't have enough memories of my own with my family when I was younger.

Halloweens were not very common when I was a youth, and I honestly don't recall too many trick or treats in my house, but I do remember dressing up as a gypsy for two years in a row! I do remember going trick or treating with my siblings a couple of times and how much fun I had. I remember staying up until about 11pm or so, and now we have a curfew. My how times have changed. 

I love these photos of my firstborn, and my baby boy. I remember the days when these two were always having a good time together. Then again, all of his sisters would take turns holding him, and just loved spoiling him. I think I have enough pictures on this blog of  mine that shows all the love being exchanged between four great kids.

As you can see Noah dressed up as a skeleton. I think this costume fit him perfectly because he was so skinny! Ha! ha! He still is. 
These are bittersweet moments that I will treasure for a lifetime, and I hope that when Sierra looks back at these photos that she too will remember how sweet, and easy it was when her brother was a baby, and that when she comes home to visit before she leaves for her mission that she will take all of her new memories that she makes with him with her.

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