Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Good "Match."

Going to Lexie's tennis matches is like good therapy for me. I love the competition. I love that she loves it. I love that she plays from her heart, and I love that she has a doubles partner who actually uses the technique that she is taught at practice, and that they use all their might to play the best they can. They have had quite a few wins lately, and I have to say that after playing one of the toughest teams today, they played really well. And although they didn't win, their hard work, and effort that they put into the game is good enough for me to see that they love to play, and seriously try their hardest to win, and handle defeat with a good attitude. 

With tennis comes frustration. At least it does for me when I see people that I love, and admire play. Tennis celebrities included. I have also noticed that I have to contain my composure when I go to my daughters  tennis matches. I don't pull a John McEnroe with curse words or anything, but I'm definitely the parent that shows my frustration when I see the opponents not being completely honest when they score. There's no umpire, and their coach cannot stand at every single court watching all their girls play so it can be a bit difficult when there is no one to determine whether the ball is in or out. It's up to the players to determine that.

Not all the teams that they've played are dishonest in their scoring, but to see the Jorgensen girls playing, and taking score with integrity tells me that we parents did a pretty good job in raising honest, well-mannered young women. It's upsetting when I see the opposing players whispering, and looking down at them with somewhat of a "I play better, and I'm more skilled" attitude. For the most part I'm pretty okay, and try my best to just let it go. I try really hard not to embarrass my daughter by voicing negative words, or talking under my breath uttering words like, "hello, can we say thank you" or "nice manners babe." You know, stuff like that. Not a very grown up way to handle things huh? There are times when Jon will tell me to "keep my voice down", or "be nice", and sometimes I just don't listen. I know I should be a better example, and not stoop to a high schoolers level when it comes to seeing any of my kids play. I see it in Lexie's face that she gets a bit frustrated as well, but with tact will let them know that their ball was out. Hearing the words "nice shot", "nice serve", or "nice backhand" towards their opponents pleases me. They truly are the kindest girls regardless of how dishonest, and rude the opposing team can be. 

Overall I always leave the matches with a good attitude, and not once have Lexie or I uttered the words, "you cannot be serious" out loud! I mean, it's not like their playing for Wimbledon and shooting to win a silver cup! I have to remember that it's high school, and that they're not being graded on it! Integrity is big deal to me, and it's nice to see that some of our kids in today's generation still have that. Especially when it comes to playing a sport.

Here's to the Jorgensen girls who are a great "match" when it comes to playing tennis, and wish you the best in winning more matches this week!   

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