Thursday, October 29, 2015

Smiling Snow White.

I can't believe Halloween is in two days, and while I look back at more photos of my kids particularly these ones of Sierra my heart longs to turn back time. These were taken back when we lived in San Antonio. She was such a disney freak, and into princesses then that all she wanted to do was dress like one for Halloween. When she saw Snow White for the first time she truly wanted to be her. All those years as a little girl she always wanted to dress up as a princess. I was lucky enough to have found her the perfect costume, and having my mom close by was a blessing. She had fun going trick or treating with us that year. I especially enjoyed having my mom with us because I myself hardly went trick or treating with her when i was little, my older brother would always escort us so having my mom with us that year was extra special! It was really nice having her with us in our last year of living in San Antonio, and to take advantage of the time spent with us before moving to Utah.

I was about six months pregnant with Lexie when this photo was taken. Knowing that this was Sierra's last Halloween as an only child was bittersweet. I have to admit that for the past 15 years it's been a blast trick or treating with more kids, but having Sierra all to myself for the first five years of her life was literally a treat. She only shared her candy with us, and there were no siblings to bicker with. Even though I worked during those first five years of her life, I still managed to spend quality time with her. To help her with her homework, and to go on little adventures as a family of three was something I always made time for. I'm grateful for the times we spent together before her sister was born, and in helping me prepare to be an even better mother the second time around. 
Once Lexie was born she was a natural at sisterhood. She's an amazing sister, and still is. She is a wonderful person to talk to, and I swear that smile she wears never grows weary. It's real, and she still expresses it to everyone she meets. She's always been a bubbly little girl, and no matter how her life has been up to this point she's always managed to have that smile on her face. She's a light in my eyes, and soothes me on a bad day with her voice every time I talk to her. Even though she's 2000 miles away talking to her on the phone always brightens my days, and I can tell that she's smiling with her eyes...even more so when we FaceTime. I'm so lucky to have her in my life, and that she still calls me for any issue even at 20 years old! 

So grateful for this memory, and for her choice in wanting to be princesses for Halloween throughout her toddler years. She exempified that very well then, and still does today. 

Because no matter what...everyone is a princess!  

Happy Thursday, and keep smiling! 

**(Photos are oldies from 1999)

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