Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Noah-isms // Fall Edition.

So i have all these games, and scrapbooks upstairs in the attic near the kids bedroom and as Noah was taking a game out of the closet he noticed the scrapbooks. He knows that I work on them from time to time and asked if he could see his. For the first time since he was a toddler he looked through the scrapbook with curiosity and interest, and after glancing through pages of sheet protectors filled with cards, and photos he had a lot of questions about them. He pulled out some of the cards & asked, "Who gave these to me mom, and what are they?" I said, "they're cards that were given to you from friends & family when you were born." " I like them mom, I really like the people who thought of me when I was born." -Noah

As we were driving around leaf peeping, "look mommy, the leaves are falling off the trees, and it looks like they're dancing." 

Every year we have 'spirt week' at the kids schools, and on the day it was pajama day Noah said, "It's not pajama day, it's a school day." He ended up wanting to wear regular clothes.

When I was editing some photos of Lexie and I, Chelsea said that I looked like Sierra in one of those pictures. When I asked Noah if he thought I looked like her in the photo he said, "yes mom, you both have circles in your hair."

So we've been having an Indian summer lately, but when the sun goes down the air gets cooler. I don't care to turn on the air condition so I rolled the windows down. Noah's seat is right behind the drivers side, and so when I rolled my window down he said, "I'm freezing up mom roll your window up." It was like 60 degrees. 

Jon had the day off on Noah's picture day, and since Noah looked so handsome I wanted to snap a quick photo of him, and Jon before we walked to the bus stop. After I took the photo Noah said, "it's okay mom. You can stay home. Daddy's got this." Guess what? I ended up letting Jon and Noah have some bonding time for those 10 minutes of walking, and waiting at the bus stop. 

When it's Noah's turn and one of us tries to help him with saying a prayer, "I can do it by myself!"

While going for a drive to go leaf peeping Noah nonchalantly says, "If only the leaves were blue."

While watching a bit of television a preview of the Supergirl series came on, and Noah said, "I don't like that show, I like the man one." 

There's a lot more where that came from, but like I wrote in my last Noah-isms post...I don't want to rack my brain trying to remember every single phrase that he utters. I take in the moments of our conversations, and focus on him. I love laughing with him. He truly is the sweetest, and funniest little boy I've ever met...
and I'm so glad to know him! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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