Friday, October 2, 2015

Be Archaic & Creative Without the Screen Time.

One thing i love about blogging are the people that I connect with in various corners of the world, and to know that we have a lot in common is a relief! Makes me feel like I'm not the only one who is going through "life." Especially when it comes to motherhood, children, and all the negative things that life throws at us. One thing I love about the internet is reading and seeking inspiration from people I follow, and it is amazing. 

I found this post through Sarah's post, and it is an extensive list of screen rules that she has implemented in her family which are pretty much similar to mine. And although some of these may not work for another parent what's important is that some rules are set, because without any kind of foundation our kids can get out of control with the internet, and then issues arise. And trust me, you don't want to go there! 

Although I have a blog, Facebook, instagram, a twitter, and pinterest account I'm not a big fan of the internet. I cringe sometimes when my son asks if he can play on the computer for a bit. I'm so old school, and such an archaic mom that it's not even funny. I don't let my kids have phones when we are church, out to dinner, or in the car. We have them bring books, or play road games when we go on long road trips. Sure once in a while I'll give in and hand Noah my phone to play a game on Kizi, a pen and paper to draw on while at church, but most of the time you'll see us at the playground, at home playing legos, coloring, drawing, or playing games with his sisters. Once in a while I will let him have screen time, but for the most part I don't. One hour is good enough for all my kids. Now unless they have homework, which is a different story, then they can be on the computer for more than an hour (just ask my 15 year old!) Other than that my two youngest kids really don't have the need to constantly be on the computer all the time. Call me a mean mom, strict, crazy, "take a chill pill lady" but I know that having rules when it comes to technology can teach our children a lot of responsibility, and help them not get addicted to always being in front of a screen whether it's the telly, computer, or phone. 

After watching this sad, but sweet commercial I came to the conclusion that generations today are totally obsessed with technology, and it is really scary! I'm grateful that I haven't gotten that far with any of my children to constantly be on the internet. First of all none of them own their own iPads, or computer. We have one computer which is my bedroom, one iPad, three smartphones, and that's all we need. If any of my kids want to get social media accounts it depends on how mature they are to handle it. My oldest daughter was 16 when she got a Facebook, and my 15 year old got an instagram when she was 14. She has no desire for a Facebook which makes me kind of glad! Same rules will apply with my two youngest children as they get older. 

I am so grateful to the parents out there who have set "screen rules" and put their foot down when it comes to their children and social media. Knowing that we have rules for a reason puts my mind at ease. Especially when it comes technology. Protecting my children against the poison that lingers throughout the internet is my top priority. 
Without pressuring our children, and giving them a little freedom I know that our kids can be wise in how they handle the internet. To know that it can be used for good, and to gain spiritual inspiration from christian websites.

Which brings me to this point...

This weekend is the 185th annual general conference, and to be able to watch it in the comforts of our own home via the internet is a blessing. I'm old school, and still go to the church with my family to watch it, but nonetheless the internet can totally be used for good, and to view things that bring joy, and positivity into our life.

Hope y'all are able to watch conference, and that y'all enjoy the weekend! 

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