Friday, December 4, 2015

A Nice Surprise!

Words cannot express how excited we are to have Sierra home. We hadn't seen her all year and the fact that she worked all summer prevented her from coming home for a visit. It's probably a good thing though because all that hard earned money she worked for will go towards her mission. We were expecting her to come home sooner, but because of a medical issue had to resubmit her papers which set her mission back, but it's okay because she's here with us now, and everything happens for a reason right? We are just so happy we get to have her here even if it's just for a few days. Because her job doesn't allow anyone to take work off during the holidays (plus she's the best one on the floor to sell pianos, and plays them well enough where customers buy them) she won't be here on Christmas day. That's okay because once she gets her mission call we get to see her again in the new year for at least two weeks!! Yeah...I'd say heavenly father definitely knows what he's doing, and I'm so grateful that her faith and patience has allowed her to hang on to this small test of her mission plans, and that she is in good spirits. She's only here for a few days so we are going to make the best of our time with her. We are so looking forward to where she's going to be called to, and to start the new year right with her going on a mission. Let's hope she gets her call by Christmas! That would be the best Christmas present ever! 

Happy Friday everyone, and have a fun weekend! 

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