Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Here's to 21 Years.

We fight, we make up, we yell, we cry, we laugh, we frown, we smile, and sometimes we agree to disagree.


Because no marriage is perfect.  

I write, I walk, I clean, I read, drink Dr. Pepper, and watch reruns of Downton Abbey, & Felicity. 


Because that's what keeps me sane! 

You cook, you work, you teach, you serve, you read the hobbit 50 million times. 


Because that brings you peace.

We care, we hope, we pray, we dance, we communicate, and tell each other everything, but most of all...we forgive.


Because that's what has kept our marriage strong for 21 years. 

Happy Anniversary my love.

Here's looking forward to another 21 years of all of the above! 

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