Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 Holiday Concert.

I'm extremely grateful that all my kids are musical, and that they involve themselves in extra curricular activities that they love. 

Last night we attended Lexie's holiday concert, and I was impressed on how well the concert choir, and band sang and played. I love this time of year when concerts come into play, and regardless of the "60 degree without any snowy kind of weather" we've been having we still managed to get into the holiday spirit and rejoice! I love hearing her sing with the choir, and believe me even though she is standing with 11 other people in Vocal Resolution, and about 70 other kids in the choir she stands out, and I can hear her amazing voice. 
This was her first year being the accompanist for one of the songs. She played Jay Althouse's "Slow Dancing in the Snow" and she played it perfectly. In a way she reminded me of Sierra, but one thing i love about Lexie is that she is her own person, and in no way is she trying to be like her sister. Sure Sierra left somewhat of a legacy when it came to playing the piano at Highland, but in no way is she trying to "follow in her sisters footsteps." Even though she loves playing the piano it is not her forte. She is the violinist in the family, and in all honesty prefers that over piano. It's a shame that there is no orchestra in her high school, but she is grateful that she has the opportunity to play the violin in the band as well as play the piano. 

Here's the video of her playing, and you can hear a snippet of the choir singing Hallelujah here. 

Jon, and I had a pretty amazing evening. Just as we spent our anniversary eating here four years ago, we didn't mind spending our anniversary at Lexie's winter concert. It was free, and fun, and we would do it again in a heartbeat!

Anything for our kiddos right? 

For more videos of my three daughters playing, and singing, you can view them all on my youtube channel, 

Happy Wednesday all! 

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