Friday, December 18, 2015

While Sierra Was Here...

I've been meaning to blog about Sierra's visit from a couple of weeks ago, but time caught up with me and in between attending concerts, a trip to the temple, some thrift shopping, visiting teaching, wrapping small gifts as well as delivering them, and overall life I never got around to it. Looking at some of my photos on my phone of Sierra reminded me that I wanted to write about her short visit even if it was just for four days. In those four days we managed to do quite a bit, and had so much fun. I swear we were like zombies! I am so glad she surprised us, and that she was able to take some time off from work. She figured since she's not in school, and still waiting for her mission call that she might as well take advantage, and visit a bit early. 

Chelsea and Noah were super excited when they saw her. They totally thought she was coming the week of Christmas! Lexie overheard us talking the night before her arrival so that was spoiled (she's got superman hearing), and she was expecting her the following morning when she came home from seminary. was a great surprise for us all, and the energy that once filled this house came back ten fold. Good thing because these kids have been missing their older sister for over a year! 

Here are a few photos from our time spent with our sweet sierra. 
Because Sierra wasn't in our Christmas photo last year (and a big shout out to those who pointed it out and made me feel guilty) I definitely wasn't going to let her get away without us taking some sort of family photo. I decided to call our dear friend Ashley at the last minute (because we do things like that), and asked if she wanted to come with us to new york. She said yes, and we had her take a few photos of us. She has a knack for taking pretty good pictures and did such a good job taking our photos. Here are a few outtakes, and we all had so much fun goofing around in the midst of it all. 
  ^^^ Before we went into the city we needed some much needed energy so we had some Panda express for lunch. I didn't even know they have them in Jersey. Where have I been? ^^^
 ^^^ We walked all around Manhattan, and down fifth avenue, and looked at all the window displays at Bergdorf's. 
^^^ These two were my favorite! ^^^
Rockefeller Center at Christmas time is a beautiful sight, and we wandered around capturing the beauty of this city. and check out this big wreath outside the plaza! Christmas in the city sure is magical!
The Santa at the Plaza is super friendly!! 
^^^ and in between time spent with us, Sierra made time for one of her dearest friends. Sure do love these girls! ^^^
^^^ Even though these two are 10 years apart they are so similar in personality! Bubbly and all! It's as if Sierra never left!
 ^^^ Goofy pics with baby brother. ^^^
^^^ And a few photos with her "twin" wearing their best friends beanies. Crazy girls! ^^^
So grateful we had four crazy days with our girl, and look forward to her coming back for a longer visit once she gets her mission call. 

Until then enjoy your time with family, especially when one lives far away. Take advantage of their time no matter how exhausted you become, because before you know it our kiddos will be on their own for good!

Have a wonderful weekend guys! 

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