Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Christmas Morning & A Few Beach Photos.

This Christmas sure snuck up on us in quite a hurry, and just like's gone. So bittersweet, and even though we didn't wake up to a winter wonderland on Christmas morning we were able to take in the beauty of mother nature with her rain, and all. I personally didn't mind this weather in the least. We had a brutal winter last year, and so having a break from it this early was okay by me, but I know that the snow is coming, and that it will be here soon! 

Luckily we've lived in weather like this, and have had Christmases in the past with no snow. Having lived in Texas, and North Carolina and having no snow in the winter time really made me appreciate the time i lived in Utah. I always missed the snow when living in those states, but after having a harsh winter 10 months ago having no snow this soon has been fine by me. The kids were longing for it though, but are pretty much over it, and are waiting for spring. Ha! Little do they know that the snow may be on it's way!
Watching these kids opening up their gifts on Christmas morning was bittersweet. They sure are growing up way too fast. To see their faces filled with humility, and appreciation, always thanking us for the gifts they were given, and mumbling under their breath, "thank you Santa" every time Noah and Chelsea opened a gift 'from him' and exclaiming "oh my favorite" warms my heart, and put a smile on my face. So fun to see their reactions on their face, especially Chelsea's. She's going to be 11 next month, and still believes in the magic of Santa. She makes our Christmases interesting, and it's super bittersweet watching my baby girl growing up while still being a little kid.
Gifts were simple, and easy this year. Receiving gifts from loved ones is always unnecessary, but when we receive them boy are they such a treat! If only they can see their reaction when they open them. There's no denying that it is fun exchanging gifts with friends, and relatives, and for that I am truly grateful!

After opening gifts, and with all the stores being closed on Christmas Friday we had lunch at McDonalds's (don't judge), and decided on a whim to go to the beach, and oh what a beautiful sight it was! 

Just take a look...
Temps were not that cold, but when the raindrops began to fall temps got cooler, and that's when I was like...hurry, let's get our feet in the water! You can see a 10 second snippet from my snapchat of my kids having fun on my instagram here.

Chelsea is such an adventurer, and when I told her I wanted to do that, and walk on the sand she did the same thing too. Call her a follower, but she loves the feeling of sand between her toes.

We walked around the boardwalk, and along the beach for an hour or so, (or at least until we felt raindrops falling on our head.) I snapchatted the heck out of this day, and had such an amazing time. Last time we went to the beach was over Labor Day weekend so we were pretty excited to see the ocean again! 

We totally make all of our Christmases memorable, and as always missed our sweet Sierra. It would have been  more special had she been here with us on Christmas day, but at least she was able to visit us earlier this month, and we hope to see her sometime in the new year. Also...that FaceTime is a miracle! 

Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas, and that you ring in the new year wishing many great things! 

Happy Monday! 

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