Wednesday, December 23, 2015


// I can't believe we are already at the end of December! Didn't Noah just turn six last month?? My has time flown! Anyway I've been neglecting to share a few of what Noah has been saying as of late, of course I remember the funny sayings, but then all of a sudden for the past couple of weeks he has been saying some of the funniest things! //

The day after Noah's birthday he asked, "Mommy, am i still six?"

When Jon came home from work Noah ran up to him, and asked, "daddy, am i still six?"

We caught the end of this movie the other night and as we sat down to watch the last ten minutes of it there was a part where both the father and son were crying. As the tears were flowing down their face mixed with sweat because they were running for their life in a very humid country Noah said, "they're melting." I had to explain afterwards that they were actually tears, and because they were sweating it looked like they were melting. 

Every time I buy Noah gummy bears he always tells me to sit still, close my mouth, and say, "I am a gummy bear." I try to say it like a ventroloquist but to no avail. I move my mouth, and Noah then says, "gummy bears have their mouths closed, and are like statues. They don't eat them." 

While eating at a restaurant Noah needed to go to the bathroom. Lexie ended up taking him, and when she came back she said that Noah gave too much information while going potty.  Apparently he said, "man, that was a big one!" 

Every time Noah sees a picture with snow in it he says, "christmas."

On our way to church last Sunday we noticed some friends who were right behind us. I mentioned to the kids that it was the Jensens, and Noah says, "why are they following us? Is it because I'm cute?" I know...funny kid. 

I think Noah is growing tired from asking me to make cereal for him, and of course I don't. I told him I didn't mind, and that's what I'm supposed to do since he's still little. I then had a bittersweet moment because he's growing up way too quick. I could't help but to blurt out Please don't grow anymore Noah, please! Stay little! His response, "I have to grow mom. I have to grow taller so I can reach the cereal." 

Because I don't want to have to turn on our heat with the 60 degree weather we've been having it has been more colder inside our house than it is outside, and when I told Noah how colder it is inside our house than it is outside he said, "I know. It's because there's holes in this house! 

One morning Noah woke up freezing, and scared. He came into our room and I asked him why he was scared. He said its because there's no parents sleeping in his room.

// Love this kid of ours! With the years flying by so quickly watching Noah growing up has been bittersweet to the core, and although there are times where I do mind his independency I'm beginning to appreciate it. I can't help it. He's my only boy, and possibly my last child so I'm trying to hang on to those sweet, tender six year old mama moments as long as I can! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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