Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reflecting On The Night Before Christmas.

When I saw this painting on Beth's Instagram last week I just knew I had to get it. She only had 10 left, and I was the third person to claim one. I love her work of art, and having a picture of Mary with the Babe in our home truly reflects the whole reason for the season. 

Focusing on Christ not just at Christmas time, but all year round is as crucial as reflecting on the gifts we're going to get. I personally didn't grow up with huge Christmases, and as my kids get older our Christmases become more simple. I am extremely grateful that I have made our Christmases to be more focused on the Savior's birth than all the worldly things our kids may get. I for one don't buy my kids too many gifts. As much as I would love got give my kids everything that their little heart desires, I tend to focus on others more than my own family. I have taught my kids that it is better to give than to receive. They don't mind that, and when I'm in the middle of fixing treats, and wrapping small gifts for friends, and extended family they see the joy on my face, and when it's time to personally deliver and/or mail them they always want to drop them off themselves! 
On the night before Christmas we have a few traditions that we do. We have all the kids open one gift, and it's usually the one from their grandparents. Ornaments, and books have become a tradition, and that's what the kids usually receive. I personally think it's a simple and meaningful gift. Something that they can pass on down to their kids, and of course books never get old...especially if you have kids that like to read. I love those gifts and am grateful to those who think of them. 
^^^ Besides reading I believe in Santa Claus to the kids, we also read the Christmas story in Luke. Noah is always excited to play a wise man, and isn't he the cutest. ^^^
Because of all the baking we did on Jon's birthday we ended up buying cookies that evening for Santa. Noah had so much fun putting them on a plate, and because of all the Santa advertisements we see of him holding a coke Noah thought it would be cool if we gave him that to drink instead of milk. Chelsea insisted we leave him a cup of milk just in case. A friend of mine on Facebook commented on the photo and asked if Santa was lactose intolerant. Ha Ha! I laughed so hard, and you know what...he could be! We never know, hence the coke advertisements!

Our kids have never had a bedtime schedule, and because of that has made Noah and Chelsea a little harder to get them to bed on time. They all went to bed close to 10pm, and I made darn sure that they were knocked out before I began to wrap last minute gifts, and fill up their stockings! Jon is always a huge help in this department, and now that Lexie is old enough to help out has fun helping me with picking gifts, and wrapping them. Jon then grabbed the few gifts that we had in the basement and put them under the tree. It is so fun doing this, and I swear I never want to stop this tradition of giving no matter how old our kids get! 
When the kids came home from church on Sunday they brought home this ornament with that read SAVIOR. Their primary president made one for all the primary kids. Really thankful to them in doing that. Chelsea immediately put it on their little tree. It's so sweet, and those six letters really stand out, and shows the whole purpose to this beautiful season of light. I am so thankful for the Savior's sacrifice, and his atonement. I know that because of Him there's is hope in all things, and that we can live with Him again. To know that He died for me helps me to want to become a better disciple of Christ, and sharing His gospel brings me happiness. I know that because of Him we can live with our families for all eternity. He truly is the perfect gift of this season, and I pray that we will strive to put Him first in all that we do. I want this happiness, and joy for everyone, and every year is a new year to start anew. To learn more you can log onto mormon.org. 

Here's hoping you're having a fabulous last week of 2015. 

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