Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Please Touch Museum!

As I look back on this post I can't believe how quickly time flies. Boy has my little boy grown up! I remember the first time we ventured out to the Please touch museum how curious he was with all the interactive exhibits. He was so fun to learn, and explore with, and his sisters had a grand time taking him under their wing to show him what the museum was all about. The time came again this year for Noah's kindergarten class to go to the museum. He's much older now, and has a better understanding of what this museum entails. It definitely enhances his mind, and he loves it here. The place hasn't changed too much except that they added a room specifically for toddlers or for those who are Clifford, and space fanatics. Luckily Noah is a fan of both. We had two hours to spare at the museum, and we took advantage of every single event, and exhibit. 

Here are a few photos, and don't worry...I'm not going to turn this post into a 'storybook' postAlthough I thought it was written pretty cute! 
^^^ Noah loves anything that is a train, or a trolley. This is City Capers, which features the John Wanamaker's Rocket Monorail from the defunct department store, and is also a part of the set from the 'Captain Noah and His Magical Ark' TV show. ^^^ 
 ^^^Noah is becoming a fast learner at learning how to read, and recognized his name NOAH, and the words AND, and HIS on the sign. He got all excited when I told him it was a movie featuring him! ^^^
^^^ Alice in Wonderland exhibit was Chelsea's favorite when she first came here, and after Noah watched the movie with Johnny Depp as the Mad hatter he's become a pretty big fan. 
 ^^^ I love that they have a reading room where the kids can take a few minutes to pick out a book and read. Lexie found one of Noah's favorites 'Where the Wild Things Are', and of course Chelsea chose 'Corduroy' (they only have childrens books) which is still one of her favorites. ^^^
 ^^^ We can't leave the museum without going for a ride on the carousel. I swear these kids will be riding carousels until they're 50 years old! ^^^
 ^^^ This is a pretty interesting exhibit. It's an elephant made out of all kinds of scrap metal from aluminum cans, to old dolls, and all kinds of crap such as old binoculars, a rotary phone, an old clock. Very interesting art! ^^^
^^^ This is one of Noah's favorites. He love the water canal with the tug boats. He loves anything that deals with water period! ^^^
^^^ They replaced the 'big piano' with this canoe, and even though the kids would rather play on the piano, they had their bit of fun pretending to be water rafting! Love their imagination! ^^^
^^^ They have a really cool space area where the kids can dress up as an astronaut and shoot foam rockets in the air. Yep...this quickly became a favorite for Noah, and Chelsea! ^^^
^^^ This is the new section they added in which they have Clifford, the big red dog. This was one of Noah's favorite cartoons when he was three years old! Still loves that dog! ^^^
^^^ cute little cut out of the statue of liberty with Noah's little head in it! ^^^
The kids sure really enjoy coming here, and even though it's suited for kids seven years and younger, my older kids love it here! It's a chance I get to learn with my kid, and at the same time enhance each other's minds. It's always interesting to come here and see what's new, and what's still here. So fortunate that the schools here provide school trips to museums in Philly. This is exactly one of my favorite reasons i love the city, and living in the east coast! So much to do, and learn, and explore with our kids! 

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