Monday, December 21, 2015

Celebrating 45 With Cupcakes, & The LDS Missionaries.

One thing that brings relief not only to myself, but to my family especially in this day and age, in the midst of all the somewhat hustle, and bustle I feel that I've been doing is having the sister missionaries over from our church to come into our home. They bring such a unique light, and truly have the gift of making one feel comfortable, and real all at the same time while eating good food, and having a few laughs. No matter their personalities, or how different one sister may be from the next I always manage to love them all, and make them feel at home. They are, after all away from their families for 18 months, and knowing that my daughter will soon be sitting in the homes of families makes me want to treat all my sister missionaries better!

Noah has been sick this past week, and aside from all the running around I've been doing with thinking of others during the holiday season I have realized that I need to make time for myself. I'm grateful that I acknlowedged the hustling and bustling a couple of years ago, and somewhat learned to balance all that I need to do when it comes to the holidays. The thing is that I'm never prepared to have a sick kid because we never know how bad the flu will hit our home come winter time. Luckily Noah's fever goes down, and I'm praying that he doesn't have pneumonia because with this crazy weather that we've been having you never know! He feels better after taking medicine, but if his fever persists, and cough gets worse off to the doctors we go. Sierra developed pneumonia in her freshman year of high school, and missed 10 days of school! That was not fun, and I pray that no one else in our family gets that again!
Having the missionaries coming over is such a spiritual treat to my family, and I see how much my kids love, and appreciate them. Since Noah missed church yesterday they totally brightened up his day, and were the remedy to making him feel better that evening. Even though it was Jon's birthday weekend he ended up being the one to stay home with Noah from church. Lexie had a solo for the Christmas program, and I didn't want to miss it so it was just us girls at church. It was a beautiful service, and I really appreciated all the lessons that were taught during class, and the fact that it was all focused on the Savior makes me extremely grateful that I belong to such a wonderful church where I am taught about Christ's life, and all the goodness that He brings in hopes that I can be an example of His light to others.  

I'm so thankful for all the missionaries who are serving around the world, and especially the ones who are in our area. It's so important to include them in our lives. They give so much of their time, and efforts in bringing new members into our congregation. Their energy is contagious, and being that I'm a convert to the church understand what kind of people they may be teaching, because at one point in my life I was an investigator myself learning, and figuring out if this was the right church to join, and if this is what I really believe in, and you know was, it is, and I do! My passion in welcoming those who are new to the church is solid, and pray that no matter how tough life gets they will never give up on the Lord, or coming to church to be strengthened, but most of all to learn more about Him. 

The missionaries are such a joy, and after the week I've had with everything that I do that deals with the world, motherhood, and overall life, knowing that I am able to refresh myself on Sunday, and take in the lessons of Christ, and to sing beautiful songs of praise makes every chaotic week I've had worth it! And having the sisters over on the weekend of Jon's birthday made it even better, and that was the icing on the cupcake.

So thankful for the missionaries, and all the good that they bring. If you have any interest as to who they are, and how you can learn more about the plan of salvation please don't hesitate to reach out to them. You can log on to to learn more too!

Have a wonderful Christmas week! 

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