Monday, December 14, 2015

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

December is indeed my favorite month, and although there's too much going on with our wedding anniversary, Jon's birthday, and Christmas being two weeks of each other we somehow still manage to squeeze in those small things that matter the most. This time of year certainly gets busy for many of us folk, but as the years go by, and the older I get, I've learned to manage my time wisely, and to not get mixed up in all the hustle that this season brings. Growing up I didn't have any major traditions so keeping traditions is important in my family. Ever since we moved to the east coast going to the big apple to see Santa, and seeing all the lights down 5th avenue is always a treat for our kids, but i think their favorite tradition is going to the D.C. temple to see the festival of lights.
The temple is such a beautiful place from the outside, and even more beautiful at Christmas time. Every year as my son gets older it's so interesting to see his reaction, and I love it when he asks questions about the temple. He definitely learns a lot at church when it comes to the savior, and every time we go to the temple he's beginning to know more and more that families are forever. Those are the words that he utters whenever he spies the temple from the freeway, "look! it's the temple! families are forever mom!" It's so cute, and my heart just goes pitter pat. The temple lights at the D.C. temple are so beautiful this time of year, and since I no longer live in Utah to see the lights at temple square going to the D.C. temple is a mega treat for us! 

Noah loves the baby Jesus, and when he saw the nativity scene he wanted to sit in front, and listen to the story of Jesus being told in the background. The perks of reading to your child is that they will sit still to listen, and both Noah and Chelsea enjoyed listening to the story being told. It truly brings in the spirit of Christmas. 
For the past two years we have always seen Jenny Oaks baker perform, but this year we were able to catch a performance by the Mormon Choir of Washington D.C., and to hear them sing Christmas songs brought such a peaceful spirit. It also made me miss my oldest daughter. She is an amazing artist with a beautiful voice, and I miss going to her concerts. Chelsea's eyes grew wide when she saw the young boy perform on the cello (that's still a goal for her to play), and everyone sung, and played their instruments so beautifully. 
Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year, and it is always my hope that as each year goes by that I will become a better person than I was the year before. I know I can always do better, and give more time to the Savior by focusing on what's important. To me...Christmas is love, family, time, and service and although I feel as if I do enough, I know there is room to always do more. 

Happy Monday everyone! 

Only 11 more days until Christmas! 

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