Friday, December 11, 2015

Holy Tomato Pie.

When we first moved to our small borough in New Jersey I noticed a quaint little place called Holy tomato pie, (formerly known as Alfred's tomato pie), and wondered what kind of a restaurant it was. I was told that it was pretty good, but the thought of eating a pizza with just plain tomato sauce, in all honesty, kind of grossed me out, hence never going. Funny how we never eat at restaurants that are convenient to where we live. We tend to go out of our comfort zone for delicious food, but after living here for seven and a half years decided to give it a go, and I gotta tell ya...this pizza is so good! The caesar salad with pecans is my absolute favorite and the white pizza with the sauce was pretty good. The first time we ate here we ordered a pizza with just the tomato sauce, and was not a big fan, but when you add the is delectably delicious! Since Jon is super busy driving holiday hours we try to have a late date night here once a week. So convenient, and since the weather has been super perfect lately with no snow, or it being too cold walking to the restaurant has been fun! 

Because this place is so cozy, and quaint with the friendliest staff, (and owner), and amazing food i only captured a few photos of the first few times we've come.
^^^ Noah's favorite, and mine...pepperoni! ^^^
^^^ the decor inside is very eclectic, and I love the heart design on the wall. They're painted tin cans, and those handkerchiefs are a perfect window display. ^^^
^^^ the white pizza is at the top of our list! ^^^ 
^^^ Holy tomato caesar salad with new favorite!! ^^^
^^^ These Italian pepper shooters looked pretty funky too me, but after tasting one wanted more! Especially Jon! ^^^
^^^ The chocolate chip skillet cookie with vanilla ice cream is our favorite dessert! ^^^
^^^ You know it's good pizza when you're little one falls fast asleep. Then again it was close to 8:30 when we decided to grab a bite! ^^^ 

The kids absolutely love pizza, and this is one place where Noah actually approved and gave it a thumbs up. His absolute favorite is....pepperoni. We have now come to the conclusion that whenever we can't venture out to the city to have some good new york pizza the holy tomato pie will have to do. 

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