Thursday, April 6, 2017

We Love Our Missionaries!

Ever since we moved into our new area we have had the missionaries from our church over for dinner more than we have before in previous wards. We have had them over every month since we moved in (except for January because the plague took over the entire family except for Jon) Anyway, having the missionaries over in our home has been such a blessing, and our lives have become more peaceful. Especially after they leave. The more I get to have them over my house the more I truly appreciate their hard work, and effort in what it takes to share the gospel to strangers. Leaving their home life, family, and other important things that they sacrificed to leave their life behind to serve the Lord for two years is admirable, and I am so grateful for their service. 

I love having them over for dinner so they can eat good food (at least I hope they think it's good food!) I love our dinner conversations. I love how they laugh with my family, and the laughter they bring when my kids, especially my son does or says something funny. I love how they interact with our children. I love the example they set of how they genuinely love the Savior, and how their message of the gospel is so simple, and clear. I love the spirit they they bring to our home and the spirit that continues to dwell even after they leave. They are special sons of God, and  because I was taught by some of the most amazing sister missionaries at the age that these great missionaries serve is probably the reason why I love their presence. They are like my sons. The gospel literally saved my life, and that is one thing that I'll never, ever take for granted. I feel so much gratitude, and always want to have them over for dinner. Not only for me, but for my family. So that my kids can learn, and see that these young men are great examples of a loving son of Christ's work.
There are times when our lives get crazy, and the months fly by, and realize that I didn't sign them up. And there are times when I did sign them up, and I'm not feeling well, or am a bit overwhelmed at the time because of an issue that came up the week of their dinner appointment  and feel like canceling. It's amazing what the spirit does to you when you find a way to lift yourself up, get over it, and have them over. I have been guilty of that, but once they step foot in my house, oh my goodness! Their presence is that of God, and the spirit is so peaceful. Their presence in my home changes everything, and i feel a whole lot better knowing that I put my "woe is me" issues to the side, and brought them into my home not only to hear their message, but to smile, laugh, talk, and eat! 
My children seem to be more at ease, and relaxed when they come over as well. I've never seen my kids work so hard in straightening up the house, setting the table, and prepping salad for dinner. And that is the happiest thing to see especially when they have had a rough week, or month! Stress relieved by missionaries coming over, cleaning, and helping with dinner! yay! 
Celebrating Elder Jordan's birthday was the icing on the cake this past weekend. A perfect end to General Conference weekend. I love doing nice things for people, and this was something that really made me feel better. I also think that it put a sweet smile on Elder Jordan's face. We also found out that he transferred to a different part of Jersey, but we will never forget him, or the hard work he and his companions continued here in our area. Bittersweet, but like all the other missionaries we have grown to love they have to move one to another area to grow, and share their example, and the gospel elsewhere. 
Your farewell dinner with us in our home was gold. Godspeed Elder Jordan, and hope to see you again in the future! (Also, don't ask why Chelsea looks like she's in pain in this photo!) Not sure if she wanted to smile, or cry!)

**To chat or learn more about the missionaries and the special message they share you can contact them here! 

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