Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Love These Certain Women!

Women's conference is something that i have looked forward to ever since my oldest daughter turned 12, and when they changed the age to attend from 12 to eight four years ago my heart was super happy. I was so glad that I would be able to take my youngest daughter for the first time at a younger age, and it has been a blessing to be taking her, and her sisters ever since. The only difference this year is that I had a one on one daughter date with Chelsea. Sierra is pretty much on her own in Utah, and well, Lexie had her mandatory tech week musical rehearsal late that saturday until 9:30 so Chelsea and I made the best of this special evening together. 

The talks given this year were amazing! They seem to get powerful each year, and when you mix it with boldness, and a genuine love makes it even more inspiring giving you the determination of endurance that screams inside your head saying, "endure to the end, you can do this!" It seems that everyone's favorite quote this conference was taken from the talk (which was my favorite too) by Linda K. Burton, "We are certain woman who are certain about who we are, certain about why we are here, certain that we have a Savior, and certain that He loves us." 

All of my girls have in one way or another struggled, and every teen goes through a period of "finding their own identity." Having two daughters left at home to raise gives me the energy to learn the difference from how my momma raised me, and to somewhat do things a little bit differently with the these girls. To let them know, and constantly remind them that they are all unique. And that they can be..."Convinced. Positive. Confident. Firm. Definite. Assured, and Dependable." That there is a Father in Heaven who loves them. To know why they are here. To let them know that they have a mother who is a good listener, empowered (at least I try to be!), and that they can always come to me when something in their life is not going as planned. But to know that we are here for a reason, and to make this life a good one no matter what! And to let them know, and I'm quoting President Eyring now, that "He knows your needs, and He knows your name."

Another favorite talk was titled "Trust in The Lord, and Lean Not." Lexie mentioned that this was one of her favorites. Junior year in high school has been the hardest for her this year, and knowing that she is learning to trust God instead of her own heart wanting to listen and lean into her own actions has really helped her in making wise choices. That really pleased me when she told me that! 
It truly is bittersweet watching them grow older this year, and to not have my oldest daughter (who will be 22 next month, what!!) close to us anymore. But this is what life is all about. To raise, nurture, and teach these great girls values that they will cherish, and hold true so that when the time comes when they are on their own and going to school, or getting married that they will take with them all that was taught to them, and remember that they are each certain women . To teach them the best that I can in hopes that Heavenly Father approves. I love my girls, and i am so grateful to have them as my "cheerleaders" telling me that I work so hard in teaching them true principles, and that I am 'a good mom.' Great would have been a better word, (just kidding ha ha!) but I know that they love, and appreciate all that i do for them no matter what. 

And I love them! 

You can read the entire talk here.

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