Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Tornado at Coney Waffle!

While Lexie spent the day bowling with friends we decided to take the kids to the beach. After all, it's only going to be the four of us venturing out once Lexie graduates from high school. We are not too keen on the fact that another daughter is leaving the nest in about a year and a half, but I am glad she is out making memories with her new peeps, and that we are making the best of our time spent together. 

So far the weather for our spring break has been absolutely gorgeous! We have truly been blessed by all the sunshine we've been getting this week! That is unless you drive to the shore, and literally get down to step foot on the sand only to feel that your toes begin to go numb! According to my phone the temperature was about 55 degrees, and with the breeze coming in from the surf made it terribly cold, but nonetheless it was another perfect day! 

We enjoyed walking down the boardwalk where we enjoyed a ginormous milkshake at Coney Waffle called the Tornado! This was Jon's first time devouring into this humongous milkshake, and he gave it a thumbs up. This thing is so huge it can literally feed a family of ten! Seriously though. Last year when we came to see what all the hype was all about this place they weren't kidding. These shakes are huge, and absolutely delicious. The only thing I ended up eating this time was the cotton candy, and it's a good thing because my body doesn't need all that sugar! Once in a while it's fun to purge on sweets, but thank goodness spring, and summer only come once a year! 
Love spending time with these kids even when they bicker over who is getting the ice cream Oreo cookie, and ring pop, and for Jon to have this whole week off has been a dream for the kids! They always miss him while he's at work, and he deserves this time off! 

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