Friday, April 21, 2017

My Spring Date With Noah.

So yesterday Noah decided to play a bit of hookey from school. Well, not really because the other night he developed allergies that turned into a bit of a cold that turned into a slight fever, and even though his fever broke in the middle of the night he woke up a bit groggy from the medicine and so I kept him home. But that didn't last long. Soon enough he jumped out of bed, went downstairs, and asked if he can watch the movie Sing. I wanted him to relax, and rest and he did just that throughout the entire movie. So after doing my motherly duties such as cleaning up from breakfast, and putting a load of laundry in (which is endless by the way) I rolled up the windows, and there it was...sunshine!! 

Since the weather was sooooo beautiful yesterday, and Noah was feeling a lot better after the movie I couldn't waste this day to just be cooped up in the house having Noah staring at brown panel walls. We got dressed, and headed out to walk around down Nassua street. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Princeton area it is absolutely gorgeous! A quaint college town with a lot to do! We've ventured out a few times here way before moving to this area, and we love it! It's funny how now that we live close to Princeton that we don't quite come here as much! Since I had an order to pick up at J.Crew for Noah I decided to make our day a little date. 

And boy do I miss those days of having one on one time with Noah all day, everyday!! 
Spring decided to show itself off with tulips, and yellow flowers. It's so beautiful here, and I captured a few random  moments of my cute son being surrounded with spring beauty!

As we were walking along Nassau street Noah asked if we were in New York because of all the stores, and people that were were walking along the street. He said it reminded him of that street 5th avenue. It's only about a 15 minute drive to Princeton, but I guess with being a little under the weather made the drive for him longer! I guess that means we have to come here more often! Maybe if Cheeburger Cheeburger, and Naked pizza didn't close down we would be here like every week! But luckily Princeton has a big variety of restaurants to choose from, and man they did not disappoint! 
We had some ice cream at the Bent spoon which has baked treats, and different flavors of sorbet, and ice-cream. Noah is pretty plain when it comes to ice cream, and because they didn't have cookies and cream he got sweet cream vanilla. It was delish! We walked around some more, and then had ourselves a white pizza with asparagus for dinner from teresa caffe in Palmer Square! 
I had never been to the Princeton library, and when we walked in I felt as if I was inside a Barnes and noble bookstore. It is so clean, and organized, and huge! Very quaint, and the people are so savvy, and polite. It's a good thing it's not that far from my house because Chelsea wanted to come too, and so I brought her along with us towards the end of our little date. 
They have a wall inside filled with a collage of tiles made by students. So creative, and artistic. Noah wanted to take a photo in front of it next to the tennis racket! 
This day by far was so good, so good. I sure do miss having a little one at home all day to explore, and venture out with. Time definitely is fleeting, but these are the days that I will lock in my mind forever! 

Let's hope spring lasts longer than usual! 

Happy Friday! 

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