Friday, April 7, 2017

The First Week Of April....

After having the most awesome company come visit us all the way from Utah the busyness of high school activities returned, and with a vengenance. A musical, a world language induction, watching general conference at our church, and catching up on my blogging filled this past week(end) for me. I didn't mind the endless carpooling to Lexie's high school for the final rundown before the show because the look on her face whilst dropping off dinner in between rehearsals was priceless. She was totally having fun. Having seen her musical two days in a row all weekend long was euphoric, and left me feeling energized to do more, and for things to get back to normal. Well, almost. 

In the middle of the musical chelsea whispered in my ear that Lexie could totally be a cheerleader if she wanted to. She totally fit the part, and has the stamina to be one. Everyone did an amazing performance in Bring it On. Watching it in a nice auditorium felt as if I was watching a live broadway show. Everyone acted like a pro, looked so energized, and were all in character. 
Being an inductee for her French class is another great accomplishment. Her french has improved so muc, and has become more fluent this past year, and we are already making plans to hopefully plan a trip to Paris before she starts college next fall. I love, love that she speaks it, and we will have our own personal translator when we go. I'm actually thinking of learning some of it too. 

Madame Baldwin is a lovely person, and an awesome teacher who is super fluent in the language. I also love the fact that they speak nothing but french in class, and if they speak english she'll take major points off. And because of how she teaches her class is why Lexie has picked up the language so easily. They speak nothing buy french for an entire hour every other day! 
I can't believe that school ends in less than three months, and that she will be a senior next year! Oh my heart! She has so much to do this year taking AP exams, testing for ACT's, and applying for scholarships, as well as choosing a medical school. Who knows what's in store for her, but I trust that she will get it together, and no matter what school she attends my hope is that she will go further in life, and succeed! 
We are such proud parents! 

Busy week for our whole family including our younger children, but thank goodness spring break has begun! With PARCC testing having gone all week for Chelsea along with challenging homework for Noah (he's in the first grade for crying out loud) they can all use this break. Jon is  also off, and we are going to have some fun while catching up on some r & r! 

Happy weekend everyone!  

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