Monday, April 24, 2017

Blossoms In The Garden State!

I don't know how long they're going to last because I forget every year how beautiful and how quickly spring comes to an end, but these blossoms are absolutely dreamy, and for the first time since moving here I have been totally taking advantage of the outdoors to experience spring. These blossoms are everywhere! There's a cherry tree in front of my house, there are blossom trees in front of Noah's school, our church, and they are literally all over my neighborhood, and all over the Princeton area! The garden state truly is a beauty in the spring, and regardless of April being dreary at times because of the rain seeing these blossoms up, and blooming bring nothing but joy. And when the sun is shining makes it even more beautiful, and my heart more grateful! 

As I was running an errand near Rider University last week I spotted a grove of blossom trees. I didn't bother using my phone, and decided to go rogue which is nice because in all honesty sometimes that GPS acts up, and I say to myself, "forget you siri, I'm just going to find my own way!" And there they were....a street lined with cherry blossoms! I was amazed at this gem that I found! When I posted it on social media friends thought I was in D.C.! We did manage to capture some of the blossoms in D.C. this year which was nice, but these bright pink blossoms are gorgeous and perfectly created! These photos will never do it justice, but I captured a few of my boy surrounded with them, and because he's a tree climber wanted to catch him in the act. I didn't see any harm in him climbing the tree so I let him have a little bit of fun. It was fun having him be my model for the day!
Someone should publish a "blossom" magazine because I think this would make an amazing cover! 

This is the cherry tree outside my house! Isn't it beautiful? When the previous owner told me last July when we moved in that we had a cherry tree I was so excited, and looked forward all winter to watch it bloom, and it finally did! 
We also scouted out this street lined with more pink trees! 
Ever since Noah was like three he would always pick flowers for me. Whether it was a dandelion, or a wildflower he would pull it from the ground, and hand it to me. I was recording the blossoms when all of a sudden Noah handed some to me! You can watch that 14 second video here. Such a sweetie! 
his area in Lawrenceville is absolute beautiful. I tell ya there are parts of jersey that make the seasons worth changing. I never want to take them for granted. Spring is one where we tend to forget because it doesn't last very long. Petals begin to fall, and then before we know it the trees are bare again. And then comes summer. Luckily we have a few places to go to capture the beauty of it all. Earth day was rainy this year so we didn't get to go to the Botanical gardens in Brooklyn. That was the first time I absolutely began to appreciate the beauty of spring in Jersey! One doesn't need to drive so far to capture the essence of blossom trees because sometimes you can literally spot them in your own backyard! 
This photo was taken two years when we went to the botanical gardens in brooklyn, and it was a perfect sun shining day! Oh...if spring can only look like this until summer began! 

Hope y'all are enjoying this beautiful season without letting the rain put a damper on your mood! 

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