Monday, April 17, 2017

Temple Day on Good Friday.

Oh my! So many people to love in this photo, and they all gathered together afterwards to remember this special day for two special ladies.

I will always remember the day I first entered the temple to receive my own endowment, and be sealed to my family. I had been waiting for that day for 11 years. And I was ready. So ready that I wasn't nervous. I was super excited because the time had come to be sealed to my children, and husband forever. 

But my feelings were a different story for these ladies. 
On the fifth day of our spring break two of my dearest friends received their own special gifts, and went inside the temple to receive their own endowment. I was so excited when I heard that they were going through the temple, and my heart couldn't stop beating. And in a good way I was nervous for them. I literally had butterflies in my stomach as we were driving to the temple. These women have grown spiritually in the time that I have known them. I know exactly what it took for them to make it to the temple, and I think I have a feel of what they felt like knowing that they finally made it. Entering the temple for the first time for me was one of the happiest days of my life. Knowing that I am sealed to my husband forever brings me great joy, and peace to my heart. No matter what happens I know that if I continue to move forward in a way that my life is Christ-centered, and strive to live a righteous life with imperfections that my family and I can be together forever. 
And this is my hope for all of us! 
And for my two dear friends... 

President Gordon B. Hinckley once said, "I hope you use the temple constantly because you will gain the blessings that are there that you cannot gain anywhere else on the face of the whole earth. The temple stands as a monument for all to see. It is a place of light, a place of peace, a place of love where we deal with the things  of eternity." 

I cannot even begin to tell you how true that statement is, and I want to share reasons why I love the temple so much, and how it has blessed my life. 

First of all, I want to say...God bless you both for enduring, and changing your lives to living a life of Christ. It's never easy, but so worth it. The trials that we experienced in the past are usually the things that get us to this point in our life. Y'all chose God, and didn't give up. You allowed your testimony to grow, and take over your soul to help you grow. Continue to attend the temple and you will be strengthened. You'll be able to withstand any hardship that comes your way. Frequenting the temple brings nothing buy joy, and comfort to our lives. Even in the darkest days, the temple brings light. You'll be amazed at the feeling you get once you go more often. The things of the world won't matter anymore. Any drama that may be occurring in your life won't matter anymore. Any pain in the past that you may have experienced will be tolerable, and will heal faster than you think. You will begin to see others in God's eyes. You will begin to love them unconditionally. Even the ones that have wronged you in any truly begin to love them. Forgiving will come easier. Your love for others will increase. You'll want to share the gospel more than ever before! You'll want to help others in a way you'd never help them before. The bond you have with your families will become even stronger. The love for your ancestors will be so strong that you will never want to stop doing their work.

Your priorities will change. The Love for the Lord, and His temple will grow inside your heart. And you will always want to make time for the temple. And because of the blessings that come from making it a priority will pour over to a point where it will become second nature, and will want to attend more. Stay strong, have joy in your living, and endure to the end! 
And now we are all converts! I love these ladies, and miss them dearly. I'm so grateful that I still live close enough to a temple where I can see friends from my old area. It's such a blessing that brings a smile to my face. Last week was such a treat seeing so many friends from south jersey and attending the temple again to witness two of my dear friends go through and gain more light in their life was the icing on the cake and a perfect end to a wonderful spring break. I love them all, and am so grateful for their lasting love, constant contact, and deep friendship. 
Congratulations Jennifer & Rosa (ugh! wish I would have taken an individual photo us Rosa!) Love y'all so much! 

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