Monday, April 3, 2017

Noah & Celeste: Two Great Imitators!

It's been almost a week since my dear friend Ceyda, and her sweet daughter flew back to Utah, and even though things around our house are pretty much back to our normal routine I still expect these two to be staying up late, drawing, coloring, watching Trolls two times in a row, and playing board games. I was amazed at the bond they immediately had after meeting each other for the first time three years ago. It was like kismet. As if they knew each other before this life, and even though they've only spent two weeks together in the seven years of their life it seemed as if they've known each other forever.
I'm so grateful for the sweet friendship they have, and that Noah had someone his age to play tag with for a few days. There aren't too many kids in our neighborhood for him to play with so having celeste here was a special treat for him.
I think of the quote said by Joy D. Jones yesterday during General conference, "Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate." I'll tell ya when these two were here I noticed a lot of Noah mimicking what I'd say, and do, and it was uncanny to see so much of Celeste's mannerisms in her mom. And it was all good. Ceyda, and I have known each other for almost 11 years, and throughout all those years we have cried, laughed, and talked about our kids as to how we should be raising them, and how important it is for them to have the Lord in their life. And how we should be careful in the things we say around them.
Celeste truly is a polite, sweet, funny, and carefree little girl who set a pretty good example to my son. Ceyda in return mentioned to me how Noah went up to her on their first night here, and asked her if there was anything in particular Celeste wanted to do as well as what her likes were. She really thought that was "gentlemanly" of him. When we had lunch at Cici's pizza he offered to get her a plate of her favorite pizza. I thought that was pretty sweet too. I also though it was cute that they both like pepperoni pizza, fries, and chocolate milk! They truly are two peas in a pod. I can see why they hit it off so well. Children this young in age usually do because of their innocence. After witnessing all of their actions it truly is important to watch ourselves as parents the way we treat, and talk to them, because at this age they are like sponges, and will mimic everything we do. Let's hope not everything, but 99 percent of the time, they will. 
It is my hope that Noah will be the type of guy who will treat girls with respect, and kindness (like his papa) so that celeste, and any of his other little girlfriends will remember him as the sweet boy who never bad-mouthed, bullied, picked, or was mean to any girl throughout his childhood. And that he will carry that into his future as a tween, teen, and young adult. But I know that it's up to us as parents to make sure that he will. 
Don't let the smile fool ya in this photo. Even though Noah knew that she'd eventually have to leave back to Utah saying bye to her was a bit melancholy for him. He'll miss her, and there are times when he'll stop, and say, "I wonder what Celeste is doing right now mom." Children are resilient, and he's back to reading, practicing piano, and watching odd squad after school now. We sure count our blessings for FaceTime though, because that's a quick way to stay in touch. 
Thanks so much for visiting Celeste! Until next time

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