Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Sunday '17.

Easter this year like all our past years was simple, and fun! "Aunt" Maggie joined in on our celebration, and attending her little church branch in East Orange felt like home. Everyone was so warm, and as always it was so nice meeting more of our "brothers and sisters." 

We decided this year that there would be no cooking so we had ourselves a little picnic at Memorial park in Maplewood. Beautiful area to have had a picnic. We made our traditional cascarones, and the kids had fun cracking them on all of our heads. We had yummy ham, and turkey sandwiches, chips, and ended filling up our bellies with carrot cake. All of sudden the sky grew dark, and then it began to rain! We were lucky to have finished our lunch before it began, and it's a good thing that we had ourselves a little easter egg hunt earlier last week because had we had it this day it would have been a bummer! Everyone was running amuck-it was crazy, and we were all laughing! Luckily we parked the van close enough to the table where we were sitting at that we didn't have to run far! Then again it was pretty fun to have had a little rain drop on us!  
Chelsea got Maggie real good! 
 And I tried to crack a cascarone on Noah's head, but he was a tough little dude! I swear I thought I was going to break his arm, but alas I got him! 

After the rain, the sun came out, and the sky became so clear that I captured a few random photos of us. 
A special thanks to the random stranger who took this photo of us. So grateful for fun family time, and to have been able to enjoy this day while reflecting on the Lord's resurrection! Truly one of my favorite days to document! 
Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday! 

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