Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Baptism In Virginia.

Attending a baptism, no matter what age, at my church are a reminder of my own, and last Saturday we had the opportunity to share in the joy of witnessing our friends son's baptism. Aiden turned eight on the same day as his baptism so celebrating was a double whammy for him. I was so, so happy to have been a part of it, and in all honesty didn't want to leave Virginia! I absolutely have grown fond of this place (which is why we travel here) with all my friends who live in this neck of the woods. It was so nice to have seen this wonderful family again, and to have seen some familiar faces from my old area in Jersey (Hey Suzie, hi Jade!) I also need to stop saying "old area" already!

Noah hadn't seen Aiden since they were two, but they immediately got along when they were reunited. I am so glad Noah saw his little buddy getting baptized so that he can see what he has to look forward to this November!! 
It would be so nice to reenact this same photo when they both serve missions! Crossing my fingers! 
You can imagine the surprise when Stephanie saw Lexie entering the church building. I wish I would have captured that moment when Stephanie screamed a little scream along with a hug! Lexie loves that entire family, and seeing Julia was a joyous moment for her too. It was so nice seeing these girls together again after so many years. They were nine when they all met, and now they are all grown up, and as you can see...taller than Lexie! 
Such a great time spending half the day together, and meeting more of Stephanie's friends. Everyone we met was so kind. I can see why Stephanie is happy where she's at. 
Mothers, and daughters from Cherry Hill Second! So thankful to have these wonderful women in my life! 
Happy birthday! Happy Baptism! Happy Everything Aiden! You are such a sweet boy with a beautiful spirit! Have fun as you begin boy scouts, and in doing your duty to God! You are going to be a great scout, and wonderful future missionary! Always remember this day! Love ya buddy! 

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