Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring At The Washington D.C. Temple Grounds.

The day we attended Aiden's baptism we decided to stop by the temple on our way home. We didn't get to go inside the temple this time, but we did visit the visitors center, and as always captured a lot of photos on the temple grounds. I sure hope y'all aren't getting sick of my spring photos, and posts, but spring in D.C. is always worth documenting especially when the tulips, and blossoms are in bloom. Oh, and let's not forget kids who like having their picture taken!

We love going inside the visitors center just as much as the temple, and whenever Jon and I go to the temple the kids all enjoy looking at church videos, and coloring pictures of a temple on the kiosk they have for kids. 

We saw this beautiful picture of Christ on the wall, and it was a perfect moment to reflect on The Prince of Peace, because Easter was just around the corner!
We decided to stop by the bookstore on our way home from the temple, and saw blossoms everywhere! We decided to get down to snap a few photos of Noah once again climbing a tree! I love going to the bookstore, and it'll be a loss when they close their doors permanently next year! 
So grateful for the temples, and even though the D.C. Temple will closed for two years for renovations it'll be exciting to see how different it will be once it's done. Two years will fly by quick, but in the meantime we are going to take advantage, and attend this temple a few more times before March next year, and have the girls go in as much as they can. This temple holds a special place in my heart. This is the temple that was in our district for the past eight years. It's the temple where my daughter received her own endowment. It's the temple where a few of my friends were married, and sealed to their families forever! It's the first temple where I had the opportunity to do my own family names. 
It's the temple where I grew even closer to the Lord. Where my testimony became even more firm. I will forever love this temple! 

So if y'all get a chance to visit the D.C. area, come to the temple before it closes, and the visitor's center! Everyone is always welcome there! 

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