Monday, June 5, 2017

Noah-isms in June.

Noah has been on a kick lately with singing "love" song's from diffente genres. Recently he has become obsessed with 80's music, and I blame that on me! He compiled his own combination of love songs the other day with these three songs. Just try to picture him singing them in your head! "Take the L out of lover, and it's over (by The Motels), "don't you want me baby, don't you want me oh, oh, oh"(by Human League) and he added a current song of today too, "if you love me let me go!" Next time I'll try to get a recording so y'all can watch him. It was cute and hilarious! 

Noah has also become really good at saying prayers. He's so sweet when he prays out loud, and I'm trying to teach him not to be repetitive, but when it comes to his grandmas he can't help it. He's seven, and it's okay if he repeats the same prayer. Especially when loved ones are sick. He's been praying hard for my momma lately, and his prayers always go like this, "please bless mom's mom. My wella in Texas. Help her get better."

I am fearing the teenage years because Noah is developing a love for food. He's becoming less of a picky eater, and he's becoming more hungrier especially when he comes home from school. I had mention to him how much he's been eating lately, and he says, "Mom, I'm a growing boy which means I"m going to be hungry all the time." 

While attending Chelsea's spring concert..."the girls sing louder than the boys mom."  Me:  "Maybe that's because they have 20 girls, and only 10 boys in the choir son! 

While taking pictures of Lexie and Zach before prom Noah approaches Zach, and asks, "Zach, are you in love with Lexie?" We all bursted out laughing! 

While driving to New Hope for an errand which is less than hour drive Noah forgot to bring something to occupy him, and asks, "what should I do mom?" I said, "relax, enjoy the ride, and the gum I gave you. Noah's response, "that's nothing mom. I'm still bored."

Noah must have been half asleep when we bought bagels this past Memorial Day,  because he said, "yum mom, this is a good bagel." I said, "it's a donut not a bagel." Noah then says, "bagels, donuts-same thing." 

Such a fun loving soul, and I love how he is continuing to blossom into a fine young boy. I can't believe he'll be eight five months. Time flies, and then he'll soon be a teenager! He's already looking like one with his long legs. I love him so much, and enjoy the little conversations we have. He may say something out of the ordinary, or insensible, and I hardly ever get upset at him. He's such a sweet boy. He has a lot to learn though, but knowing that he is developing an understanding of who The Lord really is on his own motive  puts me at ease. Having sisters who love him, and help guide him in teaching him true principles also eases off a lot of stress for me. Sometimes it's nice to have siblings there to help him learn when me or Jon or not around. So grateful for all my children, and for this boy who brings a million smiles to my face each living day! 

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