Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cherry Picking In Our Own Front Yard!

When the previous owner of the our "new" house told us last summer when we moved in that we have a cherry tree that blooms in between spring and summer  I didn't believe him. I'm no tree aficionado, and can't tell which tree grows what, but being that it was the middle of July all I saw were bare trees with green leaves. I didn't think about it, and then when spring came the tree began to bloom into a blossom tree. Now that summer is here, this tree is full of cherries! I couldn't believe it when they first started to bud, and now this tree is covered with cherries!
For the first time last Sunday, the kids went to town picking a few, and then yesterday they picked some more. Yep, we've created some cherry picking monsters, and now they want to pick cherries every day! The weather has been hot lately, but that doesn't stop these kids from being outdoors, and having some summer fun! You can see more now on my insta story as well as this Instagram post of the kids picking away! 

Noah's red cheeks indicate that he was out picking for a good while! I told him we've picked enough cherries for today, and to come inside to cool off. And then what did he do, he and his sisters had a water gun fight which was his way of cooling off. But that's a whole other blog post! 
Even though we live in an area that's considered farm central having a cherry tree in the summer time makes up for the times that may seem a bit boring for the kids. It makes me happy to see the kids making their own outdoor entertainment instead of staying indoors watching pbs kids. This cherry tree is a huge blessing because we get to pick our own cherries for free! 
It truly is the little things such as cherry picking in our own yard that makes all these kids happy! 

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