Thursday, June 15, 2017

Batter Batter Swing!

While Jon was grilling the other day I looked out my window and saw Noah and Chelsea playing baseball with a wooden stick. It made me happy to see that even though they didn't have an actual bat to hit with that they used their creativity, and didn't mind using a piece of wood. I went outside, and Jon said that these kids would love to play baseball for fun, and that we should get them a bat. The next day I went to the dollar store, and picked up a simple, plain, plastic bat that came with a plastic ball, and the kids didn't mind. They are not picky, and certainly didn't expect me to buy a top of the line baseball bat like the ones professionals play with. They were grateful for what I bought and happy the whole time they were playing which made my heart content. 

These are the moments I treasure, and this is what I like seeing. Children making their own fun without being picky, and appreciating everything that they have, and don't have. Weekends are Jon's days off, and so Jon took advantage and played ball with the kids minus one. Chelsea was inside recovering from being out in the sun too long, but Lexie joined in on the fun, and wanted to hit a few with her brother. Noah managed to hit a few, and I captured one in the moment in which you can view here. 
It was too funny watching her hit with this plastic bat because she was swinging the bat, as if it were a tennis racket. She's used to hitting with a racket, and eventually got the hang of it. The day was perfect for this, and we all enjoyed being a part of playing baseball with the kids plastic bat, and ball! 
Lexie missed hitting the ball a few times, but she was having a blast, and didn't care that her brother was laughing at how she was swinging the bat! 
Noah was always mocking Lexie, but in a good way. He was playing with good posture.  I absolutely love these sunny days we've been having, and am so grateful to have awesome neighbors who allow us to play in their huge backyard. So looking forward to more outdoor play with these kids for they grow up too darn fast! 

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