Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rainy Days Are For Crafts.

With summer approaching I have been finding meaningful ways to have my kids entertain themselves, and educate their minds with their hands. So many kids today are constantly seem to be on their phones playing video games, and what not. I am grateful to have my tube tv from 1998 still in good working condition where the only shows I get are ion television, and pbs. We don't own a Wiii, or xbox, or whatever the current game station is out there. I'm especially grateful to have a husband who is artistic, and crafty and loves to build things.
Sure there are times when they'll want to play color switch, or minion rush, but in all honesty that's not what really pleases my kids. I see a huge difference in their demeanor when they are playing at the park, running around in the fields, or just playing outside making up their own games. Ever since Noah was a toddler he's loved to paint, go to the library, and spend time outdoors. Recently Chelsea, and Noah found a wooden stick, and used it as a bat to play baseball. Now that's my kind of playing. I am already in the process of buying baseball bats, and the smile on Noah's face was priceless as they were playing.
Noah has really been into crafts lately, and with the weather being wet, and soggy lately has been busy doing that on the weekends with papa, and on rainy day with yours truly. I have found quite a few wooden crafts for a dollar at goodwill stores, and of course I'll go to Michaels on a Friday night and buy Noah one that he likes. He loves to paint, and build and for the past few weekends he and Jon have been building airplanes, cars, and tank trucks together. It has become their thing. This kind of bonding, and experience with putting model pieces together will help Noah when it comes to scouts. Since Jon is an Eagle Scout he has always looked forward to having a son, and is excited to be able to do these things with him once Noah is in scouts . I am also super excited when Noah finally has his first Cub Scout outing, and then he will be able to build his own car for the pinewood derby. 
I love that my kids are into the arts, crafts, and basically being old school when it comes to recreation, and keeping busy. Reading is always a must during summer, but my favorite part will be hitting the library, and spending time as a family without too much technology. I'm grateful for the convenience of it, but at the end of the day what matters is how we use it, and you better believe I'll continue to share a few photos of our adventures. Other than that the outdoors, kicking it old school by playing outside, and being archaic with drawing, playing with legos, and making crafts is my kind of life as a mother in todays world. Especially while still having a little kid in the house! 

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