Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer Days With Sunsets & Ice Cream.

So far this week our days have consisted of going to the park, watching the sun set, eating hot dogs, and eating lots of ice cream. Life with these two is pretty simple, and with Lexie being gone, and Jon working all week it's been, well...different. As much as I love being with these two all day there are times when I miss having an extra person with me so that we can somewhat be equal in numbers when in comes to certain things like playing tennis. I'm sure I sound like a broken record when I say this, but time is certainly fleeting, and in one year these two are going to be the only ones left in the house to be with. So in a sense I am getting used to it, and I hate that! 

I LOVE all my children, and in all honesty wished Sierra lived closer so that we can all be together, and have fun. Soon Lexie will do the same, but as a mother the love that streams all over my heart for my kids is so strong that I just love doing things that make them happy. I love being with them, and no matter how much Chelsea and Noah disagree on what DVD to watch, or what board game to play, and whine, I focus on the moments that they have when they do agree such as beach time, and eating ice cream, and then we start the day all over again, and we make it better. That's part of life, and motherhood, and having kids. I don't really want them to leave my home, but it's inevitable and someday it's going to happen. 

But for now, and everyday of my life I am enjoying my small nest, and finding the joy in everyday that makes life so simple and sweet with these kiddos. You can view some our day yesterday on my Insta stories if you follow my Instagram. 
We have been spending our late afternoons at the park, and when the sun sets in our neck of the woods it is absolutely gorgeous. We could never see the sun set where we used to live in south jersey. I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful sunset since living in Texas, and Utah, but we sure have been enjoying them lately. Especially when it has rained.
Summer in the dictionary should be defined as eating ice cream and acai bowls every day. We certainly are becoming ice cream connoisseurs. There are so many places to go all over north jersey to eat ice cream and that is one thing that we all love to do! The last time we were in Maplewood we had ice cream from village ice cream, and today we checked out Strawberry fields. 
I have been spoiling these kiddos by treating them to ice cream, and for the first time yesterday Chelsea had an acai bowl. She wasn't sure as to how to react when she saw it, but in the end loved it!
Noah looks like he's mad in this pic, but he really is waiting patiently for his ice cream! 
And then he was happier! 
We went to this quaint, old theater in Maplewood, and it reminded me so much of the ones I grew up with. I just love old theaters. The smell, and the smallness of it all. Prices aren't too bad either especially if you go on a Tuesday. So many fun movies came out recently, and we were deciding on whether to watch Cars 3 or Transformers-The Last Knight. The kids came to an agreement of watching Transformers. Chelsea is a good sister when it comes to her little bro. She knows how much Noah loves transformers, and said they can watch Cars 3 another time. By the way...transformers was a good show! 

It truly was another wonderful, warm, simple summer day spent with these kiddos! The weather is supposed to be sunny all week, and we look forward to more simple days like this! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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