Friday, June 16, 2017

Noah's Summer List.

Noah came home yesterday with a book he made at school with all the things he'd like to do over the summer, and these are a few things he wrote down. I was pretty impressed since most of them dealt with reading, and outdoor recreation. Not sure if we'll be able to accomplish everything on his summer list, but we'll certainly try. Luckily he's easy going, and that he always finds fun, and joy in all that he does. 

Read at the beach. 

Go on road trips.

Draw more.

Go to a zoo.

Watch less television. 

Play tennis. 

Find a tree to sit under and read. 

Eat New York pizza. 

Learn to surf.

Library days.

Walk on the temple grounds. 

Play at central park.

Play baseball. 

Go camping. 

Go to museums.

Catch fireflies. 

Play with my sisters when they are home. 

Spend time with my family. 

Play in the pool.

Have BBQ's.

Some of these things seem pretty simple. I'm surprised he didn't write Disney World on his list. He was asking us the other day when we were going to go, and I told him someday. Most of the kids in his class have been, and one day he will go, but not now. I'm just grateful that this kid of mine leads a pretty simple life, and that I'm teaching him that living the simple joys of life is what makes a great summer! 

Happy Weekend everyone! 

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