Friday, June 23, 2017

Lexie's Love & Belief For Music.

Since Lexie is in Utah for two weeks  I decided to write a little post about her when it comes to her love for music. By the way she has created her own YouTube channel by accident. Meaning that by taking a multi media digital class as an elective in school this past year has helped her create, and edit videos to the point where they are meaningful and really, really good!

There is one video in particular that I absolutely love, and it has to do with music. I really love her words at how she describes her thoughts and feelings in this video in regards to music. All my children are avid music lovers. Whether they're playing an instrument, or listening to it live, or on the radio they absolutely love it. And after all the endless lessons they have in practicing, it pays off the moment they have their recital, when they participate in their end of year school show, jazz competition, or something as simple as a talent show at our church. There is something about the feeling of music that rejuvenates the soul, and makes you feel whole again. I may not be a musician, but I know that when I listen to music I feel more relaxed. Of course the feeling is different depending on what type and genre of music it is we're listening to, and boy do I love all kinds of music! Especially when my kids write, and compose their own

When she showed me the end of her project when she edited her video I was amazed at how it was all put together. I love this snippet in her video where she says, 

"The music has the power to elevate me to a higher place, a higher state of mind where I become essentially, a better person." 

"Inside the realm of unknown songs comes the idea of becoming a better you. It's improvement. It's the reason you listen to the lyrics. The ones that make us think and realize that we are not alone in our struggles." 

I love this quote from her video because seriously.... how many songs are out there that deal with similar circumstances that we face with the songwriter. It's amazing how we feel connected to a certain song as it's being played because of the lyrics. 

It makes me so happy to see how much work, and effort our kids make in doing their best when it comes to developing their talents. No matter what talent they cultivate there's always room to let it grow. 

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