Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello June!

Oscar Wilde said, "The best way to make children good, is to make them happy." I whole heartedly agree! The past couple of months have been devoid of major outdoor playing due to April being rainy, and soggy, and even though May had a few warm days that felt like summer they didn't last very long, but June came, she is here, and I'm even happier because that means that summer is right around the corner! There are only 15 days left of school, and I'm already planning on having a lot of outdoor playing with the kiddos. Especially with this kid.

Since Noah doesn't get too much recess at school, I took him to the park in our neighborhood where he mostly ran around in the field. I call it our "mini-sheep meadow." It's literally a block away from our house, and this will be one place where we can have picnics, play frisbee, bocci, and twirl around like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music! According to Noah this particular playground isn't that much fun, he says it's for babies, but he loves the idea of running around playing kickball, and flying a kite! He said to me, "when we can't go to Central Park in New York we can just come here mom, and play!" He's such a simple boy, and today while the girls were busy doing their own thing, we spent some time together and of course when I wasn't playing tag with Noah, I was behind the camera snapping away! 
Noah loooooves flowers, and if he sees a bushel of flowers he'll immediately pick them. If you look closely he is holding one in his hand, and as he was running towards me I managed to capture him in the moment. He then gave it to me, and put it on my fly away hair! 
Such a fun afternoon, and we could have been here until the sun went down, but luckily we live a block away where we were able to do that! Good thing Jon doesn't get home till after dark, and that the girls can fend for themselves when it comes to making dinner for the family.  
I am so happy that June is here, and that summer is pretty much on her way! By the way...I think we look like grasshoppers, or caterpillars in this pic with long legs! 

Happy June everyone!

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