Saturday, June 3, 2017

Photos From Last Weekend At The Hartford Temple.

Last weekend when we attended Karlee's homecoming in Connecticut a sweet sister whom I hadn't seen in over a year said to me, "you guys really enjoy going to the temple a lot huh?" My first reaction in my mind was "umm, duh, of course we love the temple" but I didn't really say that! And with a huge smile I responded, "Yes!!!! We love the temple!" It was nice knowing that someone noticed how much we love the temple, and how much I love sharing those days of going to the temple on social media. The temple means sooooooo much to me, and I love writing about it because it holds a significant role in my life. Whether I go alone, with Jon, or the kids. I am never alone, or lost without having that precious building in my heart, and in my sight.

It never gets boring to me. It never becomes a chore. It never becomes monotonous. It never gets old. Every time we go to the temple I feel like a little kid finding more about it for the first time. At times, it even feels as if I'm 32 again entering it for the first time. I wasn't raised in the mormon church, and I certainly didn't understand too much about the temple even after I was sealed to Jon. And even though I wanted to be sealed exactly one year after our civil marriage, I'm grateful that I waited, and that I went in at the time my testimony of the temple was solid, which is why I love, and appreciate the temple so much today. 

Everytime we go away for the weekend we always manage to find a church to attend, but if there's a temple nearby we are going to find the time to attend that too. If it's closed because of a Sunday or Monday then we will stop by anyway, sit on the grounds of the temple, and just talk. The kids love walking along the temple grounds, and of course Noah loves looking up at the angel Moroni that sits atop of the temple, and just running around. He always gets a little too excited when we are at the temple. It's wonderful to see him have such an appreciation of the temple at a young age. I only hope that this feeling he has now about the temple will last his whole life.  
After church last Sunday we decided to go to the Hartford temple for some quiet time. One thing about this temple is that there are not too many sessions in the week-even on Saturday. It's a smaller temple so if you want to go on a Saturday just remember that the last session is at 2:30! It's a good thing we were the only ones on the temple grounds because Noah managed to get some wiggles out before our drive back to Jersey. 

And as usual...I captured a few moments of my sweet boy taking in the beauty of the temple. 

Such a beautiful place. Sometimes I can't believe how my heart can love the temple so much. I try so hard to never take it for granted. To be a good person, and live a Christ like life. At times it's impossible, but knowing I have a place to go to find peace, and to calm my nerves gives me hope that in good time I can be like the Savior. It truly is my happy place, and hope that as my kids grow older, that they will learn to love, and appreciate it just as much as I do! 

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