Monday, June 26, 2017

The Thomas Edison Museum!

Touring the Thomas Edison museum at Menlo Park this past Saturday was the most educational learning experience I've ever heard, and seen! I was in awe with all the inventions he made, and listening to how Thomas Edison came about creating his inventions by the tour guide was amazing! The fact that Thomas Edison dropped out of school when he was 10 because he didn't feel challenged enough, and basically was always getting distracted because he had all these ideas floating around in his idea made his teacher not want to teach him anymore. I know, crazy huh?
He was a voracious reader, and by the age of 12 read Gibbons' Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Sears' History of the World, he had devoured the The World Dictionary of Science, and a number of works on Practical Chemistry. I can see how his inventions made history, and to this day have become the most important part of our life today. Communicating by phone, the phonograph for us to listen to music, vinyl records, motion pictures, and the light bulb for us to have light to name a few! What an inventor, and I'm so glad that we were able to take the kids to hear all about Thomas Edison to see how many cool things he invented. All I know is that if he was still alive today, how much fun he would have inventing more things with all the technology we have today! 

Here a few photos I snapped after the tour, and a compilation of videos made into one of the kids just having  fun getting acquainted with some of his inventions. We were able to take a gander, and touch a few things he invented. I am still in awe with all the things he created for us to have life today! Especially for someone like me who loves to talk on the phone, and listen to music! So amazing! 
You can't really see it, but Jon is holding a record made of wax. Back then they were three times as thick as they are today. 
The light bulb! Like I said, if it wasn't for Edison, we'd have no light! 
We went for a walk on the trail after the tour. It was a nice nature walk. It's amazing to hear how much he accomplished with his inventions while living here in Menlo Park. He was known as the Wizard of Menlo Park. He eventually moved to West Orange where he continued to invent more, and later passed on. 
God rest his soul. This individual was the greatest inventor who ever lived, and if you have little kids, heck even at my age I learned more about Thomas Edison than I ever did in school, I would seriously take the time to come to Edison, and hear about all the inventions this man made. This guy was pure genius, and the kids were in awe with everything he created! 

You can read more of his life in this biography here.

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